If You Can Play, You Can Play

The CWU broadcast had a bunch of the “You can play,” commercials, in which CWU athletes state their support for LGBT athletes competing in collegiate athletics -something we also support wholeheartedly. We noted that it’s ironic because in the GNAC, two of the most homophobic campuses are in Seattle and Portland, even though mathematically you’re more likely to be subjected to homophobia and/or a hate crime in Ellensburg.

We were told by the GNAC Assistant Commissioner for Communications that comments like that have no place affiliating with the GNAC, so we deleted them because we didn’t want any trouble, but…

Wait a second, what?

Attending SPU when gay marriage went legal in Washington at about 12pm in February 2012, we vividly remember raising our hand in class to state that it was finally official. There was dead silence. Shortly thereafter, there was a small paragraph in the student paper noting that gay marriages would not be held on campus, nor allowed in our campus affiliated chapel. Throughout our time there, it was a contentious issue as to whether or not pro-gay SPU students could even form an organization and/or meet on campus.

Somehow we don’t think SPU would be proud of having an out student athlete. We could be wrong, but we do know they wouldn’t be allowed to get married on campus like so many of their straight classmates.

We’re not familiar with Concordia-Portland’s official policy on gay marriage, but we do remember a few instances of media attention when professors from other Missouri-Synod affiliated schools were fired for coming out, or simply for their colleagues finding out about their sexuality innocuously (family pictures, slip of phrase, etc.).

With some basic googling, we find out that CU-PDX students attempted to start a gay-straight alliance, but it was quickly quashed by the admin because it would look to the denomination that they were promoting homosexual behavior, something that is 100% not okay with the Missouri-Synod branch of the Lutheran Church. CU-PDX now has ‘Unity’ club instead. It’s a school in Portland, so we do have hope that certain parts of Concordia-Portland is open and affirming, but somehow we don’t think an out athlete would be appreciated.

And a GNAC official telling us that we have no business affiliating with the GNAC, for noting official school policies, is almost as ludicrous as the GNAC pretending to take an official stance in support of LGBT student athletes, while having schools with such homophobic policies in place.

We love and believe in ALL of our GNAC men’s basketball players -past, present, and future- and know 100% that if you can play -you can play.

Results and analysis up in the morning. Thanks for a great night of basketball!

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