Previewing Tonight’s Games!!

Conference Game Day #1 and yet the first thing we’re going to do is talk about the WOU/Concordia game.

CU-Portland 70 @ Western Oregon 80

Concordia kept it closer than anticipated, granted that’s kind of a grudge match because of the whole Riley transferring thing, but the big thing that made it close was forcing turnovers and taking smart shots. Concordia forced WOU into a whopping eight turnovers -yeah, for most teams that’s low, but for the Wolves that’s comparatively high. Concordia also had no guys with bad shooting numbers, meaning they were taking good shots, distributing the ball well, and in other words playing as a team. Live and die by teamwork. “Bad” teams like Saint Martin’s last year were good because they had the teamwork. This year a “good” team like SPU is looking bad because they don’t have the teamwork. It is what it is -the Cavs kept it very close in a difficult place to play by playing as a team.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 11 points; Bryan Michaels had 14 points; Latrell Wilson had 16 points; Christopher Edward had nine points and a whopping -13- rebounds; Jarrett Gray had 12 points. Off the bench Davis Nuiami had four points and four fouls.

Wolves highlights: Tanner Omlid had 19 points and nine boards; Yanick Kulich had 13 points and seven boards; Ali Faruq-Bey had 12 points; and off the bench Demetrius Trammell had nine points.

Congrats to the Wolves on getting it done and congrats to Concordia for keeping it close.

All times pacific.

Alaska Fairbanks @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6:30

The Nooks should get it done just fine, but we’re not anticipating a blowout by any stretch.

Alaska Anchorage @ Central Washington @ 7pm

Pick ’em. We’re really intrigued by this game because UAA is really strong, but CWU plays with really really good teamwork and so while we think CWU isn’t quite as talented as the Seawolves, we think the match-up is very favorable especially because the Wildcats have such a strong homecourt advantage at Nicholson. Should be a really good game.

Western Washington @ Saint Martin’s @ 7pm

The Vikings are looking really, really good and experienced this year, while Saint Martin’s looks like a young Vikings team; great potential, not consistent execution yet. We expect WWU to win fairly comfortably (by 10 to 15 or so) but we should see a lot of good moments from the Saints as well.

Simon Fraser @ Seattle Pacific @ 7pm

This seems like another good year for an upset. We really like what we’ve seen out of the Clan so far, it’s good to see JJ Pankratz coming back strong, they have a number of good new players in people like Michael Provenzano, Kedar Wright, and Tyrell Lewin. This team wants to win, and although they suffered a bad loss to Quest (a team GNAC teams notoriously blow out) there are going to be growing pains in the process of getting them to consistent winning. This could be a game for that to happen because SPU is a mess with a number of guys seeming to be ruled by the ego that “I play for SPU, our campus is 70% women, I am a GOD, therefore I don’t have to do anything besides score.” Bonus is there are so many teams in this conference that know better, are able to, and would love nothing more than to give the Falcons a reality check. Will it start with Simon Fraser? We’ll see.

We’ll either be at a game or flipping between all four of them -not sure yet. Come say ‘hi’ or tweet at us on Twitter.


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