Non-Con Player-of-the-Week Noms #2

WE FILLED ALL OF THE SPOTS!!!!!! PEOPLE PLAYED LEGITIMATELY WELL ENOUGH TO FILL EVERY SPOT!!!!!!!!! We’re so excited for all of y’all. Here we go!

UAF: Brandon Davis had two good games and led his team to a very important win over BYU-H through his balanced play and good shooting decisions.
UAA: Suki Wiggs helped lead his team
SFU: Michael Provenzano had a good week, playing very well each day and helping procure the Clan a couple of wins.
SPU: Coleman Wooten -great heart. No one else was rebounding but he still was. We see you Coleman.
SMU: Tyler Copp -another player with great heart, played tons of minutes, did everything he could and more.
CWU: Dom Hunter -played a full 40 minutes and just fell short of willing his team to a win over Mankato.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -a couple of good games against challenging opponents.
WOU: N/A —> Donated to Corey Hammell of UAA, who finally put up the rebounding numbers that we’re used to seeing out of him =) Very excited about that, welcome back Corey!

We considered giving a collective spot to the three teams that only played one game, but felt like it wasn’t fair. WWU played a cupcake, MSUB’s game was a defensive grind it out, and NNU was the cupcake.

Tomorrow we’ll either preview the MSUB/Chadron State game (RMAC) and have some discussions or just preview the game and then review the game and discuss other things on Wednesday.

POW announcement will be up in an hour.

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