Previewing Today’s Games

All times pacific.

Central Washington vs. Dixie State @ 2pm

Dixie State is 0-2 while CWU is 2-0, the only difference is Dixie State was playing UCSD and Cal Poly Pomona, both of whom are “traditional powers,” while CWU was playing San Bernardino State and Monterey Bay. This is where RPI comes in. We hate to say it, but at least at this point: if a team loses to CU-Portland, they’re probably bad. If a team loses to UCSD, it doesn’t say much because UCSD is most likely very good. Obviously it helps our conference more if CWU wins and so that’s what we’re hoping for, but Dixie State is usually a good team and they’re going to put up a big fight, so we’ll see.

Seattle Pacific vs. MN-Makato @ 4:30

No idea. MN-Mankato isn’t as good as they’ve been in years past, but neither is SPU -theoretically. We’re still not sure what to make of this Falcons team, then again: neither are they. Curious to see if they got either of their projected-to-play injured players back.

Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Cal State LA @ 5pm

We’re considering this a home game. CSULA is better than they’ve been in the past, but the Nooks should handle them just fine.

CU-Portland vs. UC San Diego @ 5pm

If CU-Portland wins it’s going to mess up the projected SOS of a lot of people. As such, we expect that UCSD will win convincingly.

Alaska-Anchorage vs. BYU-Hawaii @ 7pm

Exciting. Maybe? BYU-H just played UAF close, however that was in Hawaii. BYUH tends to be good at home and bad on the road, and UAA has a notoriously good homecourt advantage so the Seawolves should take care of the Seasiders just fine.

Western Oregon vs. San Fran State @ 7pm

Wolves should win. Gators can’t walk very fast on land anyway, while Wolves eventually became man’s best friend.

Saint Martin’s @ Sonoma State @ 7:30

Interesting. Very interesting. Mostly because Sonoma hasn’t played anyone and usually we pay attention only to the Sonoma/Chico games, which is a rivalry, so we don’t know anything. Good luck Saints!

Obviously the most interesting of those games are Dixie/CWU, SMU/Sonoma, and sort of SPU/Mankato simply because we have no idea what to make of the Falcons but their SOS is potentially so high. Want to make an in-conference win look good? SPU needs to win out of conference. Want to make an in-conference loss look less bad? SPU needs to win out of conference. It is what it is. We have this conversation with you people every year -you can hate them all you want internally, but with how they schedule you need to root for them in non-conference.

Nightlights tonight? Sounds like a plan.


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