Player-of-the-Week is… Tyler Copp!

And his numbers make us so happy. In the game against Fresno Pacific he played a full 40 minutes. He was good from the field, 6/6 from the line, 10 boards, and five assists. The next night as the Saints battled Point Loma, Tyler was 8/11 from the field, 6/7 from the line, had four rebounds, three assists, and just one turnover meanwhile playing 37 minutes in a game that went to OT -after playing forty minutes the night before! Wow.

Overall he had two good shooting nights, he distributed, he rebounded, played defense, he made his free throws, he did all of the things that winners do and he did it two nights in a row while playing 77/85 available minutes. The first night he got a little turnover happy but when your team is leading by 16, you start trying new things. He played ridiculously smart during the Point Loma game and led the Saints to a really nice, conference helping overtime win.

Congrats Tyler and go Saints!!



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