Non-Con Player-of-the-Week Noms #1!

First player-of-the-week Noms of the season! We keep saying stuff like that and it’s partly to reassure that you haven’t missed anything and partly so we can welcome and explain stuff to the new people. The blog is three years in and yet we get new readers almost every day =) However, there are also plenty of you that have been reading since the beginning and so you’re like “yeah, blah blah blah.”

New people: Highly recommended to look at ‘Our Story’ and the ‘Table of Contents’ tabs up at the top. Vets, they’re a fun read if you haven’t in a while.

Player-of-the-Week Basics:

Our formula is ours, but it basically is the player production stat mixed with the fact that we don’t care how amazing a performance is one night if they don’t back it up with at least an okay performance the next; it’s Player-of-the-Week, not Best-Performance-of-the-Week. We also do have minimums; getting nominated POW means you played well. We allow the donation of spots; i.e. if Team A doesn’t have a guy that hits our minimums, but Team B has two guys then Team B will get the spot from Team A.

We’ve been using this formula since mid-December of 2014 (almost the entirety of the blog’s existence). There have been times when we have more spots than qualified guys, but when that happens, the guys that do get nominated still know that it’s 100% legitimate.

Finally, here we go, this weeks nominations:

SFU: Kedar Wright -fantastic from the line and grabbed a bunch of boards against Hilo, along with a solid performance against Humboldt. See: Transfers being awesome.
WWU: Taylor Stafford -two good nights of play.
SPU: Coleman Wooten -no words, just rebounds; 23 of them.
SMU: Tyler Copp -glad to have him back, and proud to see him lead his team to an impressive and hard fought victory over PLNU.
MSUB: N/A —> Joe Rasmussen of SPU -demonstrated what two good nights of finesse post play look like.
CWU: Dom Hunter -the shooting was bad, but the free throws and field stats were great both nights.
CU-PDX: Christopher Edward -two good nights with good shooting from the field.
WOU: Tanner Omlid -leading his team, just as we were 100% confident he could and would.

Aaaand we already have more spots than players that hit the numbers required. The second night really took out a lot of people we were anticipating putting on this list, but it’s all good. We’re still just as excited about them, it’s just the first real weekend of the year and there are growing pains. There were so many good performances and we can’t wait to watch ALL of you -yes, even the guys that saw zero minutes- this coming week.

Congrats to all of the nominees; winner’ll go up an in an hour.

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