Previewing Today’s Games

Again this is pretty much just another chance for us to convert the times all to pacific for you… Enjoy? You’re welcome?

MSUB vs. Holy Names @ 1pm

MSUB should be able to get it done against the chronically bad Holy Names. MSUB is chronically middle-of-the-pack-GNAC, so we feel confident.

CU-Portland @ San Bernardino @ 3pm

Nice win by the Cavaliers last night, CSUSB had an overtime game against CWU so are likely a mix of angry and exhausted… Can the Cavaliers get another win today? Maybe. We have far more hope than we did at this time yesterday.

CWU @ Monterey Bay @ 3pm

Wildcats should win. This is actually really nice because it was Concordia that played them yesterday, so now we get to see more evidence if Monterey is bad and/or our conference is good.

SFU vs. Humboldt State @ 3pm

We’d laugh but we want to believe because maybe SPU and Humboldt are both bad and Hilo is really good, so SFU could definitely win?

SMU vs. Point Loma @ 5:30pm

Our bandwagon teams collide. We want SMU to learn a lot from the game and maybe win the game, but our only advice really is to play as a team and try to not let them win the rebounding battle by more than five. It’s doable; it’s not likely for SMU to win but it’s definitely possible.

SPU vs. Hawaii-Hilo @ 7pm

Hilo beat SFU, but what does that mean? It wasn’t a blowout in the slightest, so… We’ll count it as another good test for the Falcons. We of all people know this team backwards forwards inside out and upside down and we just don’t know. We don’t feel comfortable counting it as a likely win because this team is such an unknown.

UAF @ Chaminade @ 7:30

Chaminade beat Anchorage while UAF lost to Hawaii Pacific, but it’s early in the year and that doesn’t mean anything so let’s see whatchu got Nooks. Show them that Alaska is greater than Hawaii in more than just area. 907 > 808.

WWU @ East Bay @ 7:30

Curious about this one because East Bay gave SPU big problems last year, although they still eventually won. Vikings should get it done, but it also shouldn’t be the cakewalk that it’s been in years past if East Bay was able to build ala Saint Martin’s.

Western Oregon @ FPU @ 7:30

This is the only game we feel comfortable with saying “they’re going to win.” We’re proud of you Wolves, keep on it! You can do this.

Pretty much it. Because MSUB plays at 1pm, we’re going to get this up at noon, and then post the reviewing of last night’s games around 1pm under the 11am time block, so if you’re reading this after 1pm on 11/12/16, scroll down to find the details of what happened in last night’s games.

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