First Weekend Nightlights Pt 2!

Ooooh my goodness, we don’t know what the scores are at all except we know CWU won but don’t know by how much because football.

Initial score reactions:

-Humboldt killed Simon Fraser *nods* Thank-you for that minor SOS.
-CSUSB beat Concordia convincingly *nods* CSUSB is looking lower middle of the CCAA, maybe.
-CWU beat Monterey Bay. Monterey Bay might be really bad. Good figuring stuff out, good experience for the Wildcats.
-Chaminade blew out UAF -Chaminade is apparently a very good team this year, that’s a quality loss, right?
-SAINT MARTIN’S BEAT POINT LOMA IN OT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know how well PLNU is coached because we were coached JUST -LIKE THAT, yeah, funny how that is, right? Hilarious. It’s not, but we’ll pretend.
-Seattle Pacific beat Hawaii Hilo. Thank God *breathes out.*
-Western Washington killed East Bay ❤ We don’t heart East Bay, we heart WWU, just incase it was unclear.
-Western Oregon killed Fresno. All is well ❤

Oh and NNU lost by 50 to Utah, so to all of the other GNAC teams that held your D1 teams to within 20 (or five as a few teams did) congratulations!

Basically what the above says is that we were right *dances happy dance* we’re wrong a lot and so we take the times we’re right in the places we can get them.

Alright now individual NightLights:

-Marc Matthews (MSUB) went 7-7 from the line.
-Christian Evans (MSUB) had 10 boards.
-Harris Taylor (CU-PDX) had eight rebounds off the bench.
-Dom Hunter (CWU) was 11-11 from the line.
-Marc Rodgers (CWU) had 12 points off the bench on awesome shooting.
-Nahjee Matlock (UAF) had a perfect full house including EIGHT ASSISTS and seven boards. Whoa.
-Jordan Kitchen (SMU) had 11 boards.
-Tyler Copp (SMU) had a great night all around while playing massive minutes.
-Coleman Wooten (SPU) went 8-9 from the line and had 12 rebounds.
-Tony Miller (SPU) had 10 boards off the bench.
-Jeffrey Parker (WWU) had a massive 33 points on 90% shooting from the field. Dude was freaking on fire.
-Trevor Jasinsky (WWU) had 12 points off the bench, also on 90% shooting.
-Tanner Omlid (WOU) had an incredible game with a full house on great shooting and including 10 boards and six assists.
-Demetrius Trammell (WOU) had 16 points off the bench.
-Yanick Kulich (WOU) had 12 points off the bench.
-Diante Mitchell (UAA) had 18 points.

We’ll update this to include Anchorage when those results come in. Holy guacamole we are so freaking excited to do POW on Monday, the nominations will go up at 10 and the announcement will go up at 11. Tomorrow the analysis post should go up between 10 and 11am because we’re so excited we have to write it tonight. Like… Too many guys had good to great games, but not quite amazing games and yet we can’t wait to gush about them.

Gotta admit, with our lack of mental enthusiasm about the pre-season we were a little worried, but oh my god these guys are incredible, this season is going to be incredible. Thank you all so much.

Sleep tight.

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