Day One Non-Con = AWESOME!

First of all: this year is amazing already and we can’t wait to see what the results of today are because it looks like we’re going to get to have an actual legit player of the week the FIRST weekend of play and that’s amazing. A lot of these numbers are great and we’re so proud and pleased with our conference.

SFU 73 vs. Hawaii Hilo 88

Okay maybe that’s approaching blowout territory, but… If someone gets hot from behind the arc it’ll drop quickly. We still think it isn’t. Blowout is like 18+.

Clan highlights: As noted, Kedar Wright had 23 points and 12 rebounds; Graham Miller should have been highlighted last night; he had 15 points off the bench on great shooting. Otherwise a lot of bad numbers, but the fact that SFU didn’t get blown out and had two guys with good numbers is something. Hidde Vos and JJ Pankratz was silent/shooting really badly, so the Clan should get better when those two bounce back. That’ll give them four super decent players and that’s when magic happens.

MSUB 86 @ Cal Baptist 101

It was a blowout, what can we really say? There were some bad numbers by MSUB, but… This was a home game for CBU, we know CBU is really good, it’s not a bad loss, it’s a quality loss, eh?

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 11 points. Off the bench Zach Lessinger, as noted, had 18 points as well as six boards; Ryan Chappell made 9/10 free throws; and Cinco Durr had 15 points. The team also teamworked it out to have five boards accredited to the group.

Decent game against what’s likely an amazing team. Good job Jackets!

CWU 89 vs San Bernardino 84

Overtime game and CWU rocking a brand new team pulled it out! Really proud of the Wildcats, especially because there were a lot of bad numbers. Still…

Wildcat highlights: Naim Ladd had 17 points; Dom Hunter was 8/8 from the line with a nice plethora of field stats; and Niles Fuquan had 18 points and seven boards off the bench.

WWU 72 @ Sonoma State 64

WWU went into the half down by six and came back to win it. The Vikings team is young-ish in terms of guys that haven’t seen tons of minutes, so getting one of those on the road is always a good thing and we’re super excited for them.

Viking highlights: Taylor Stafford had 11 points and six assists; Trey Drechsel had six boards; 7 footer Logan Schilder had five fouls; DAULTON HOMMES had 29 points and a perfect full house notching stats in every category EXCEPT turnovers, WOW!!; and off the bench Brett Kingma had eight points.

WOU 64 @ Point Loma 62

Brutal game, lots of bad numbers, but the Wolves pulled it out against a very well-coached team and that’s what counts. Very, very proud of them. Very proud of Tanner in particular for stepping up and carrying the load decently, if not well.

Wolf highlights: Tanner Omlid had 10 boards and six steals; Ali Faruq-Bay had 19 points and a full house with a smattering of each category. Not too much came off the bench -each guy contributed a little bit and it led to a victory. Proud of the defense on display.

UAA 81 @ Chaminade 92

So many bad numbers. Shooting until the cows come home. We’re still laughing at Chaminade because they fell into Suki’s trap of fouling him, although… They pulled it out, so we can’t rag on them too much.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs finished with 33 points and a full house on abysmal field shooting but great free-throw shooting; Spencer Svejcar went 6/6 from the line; Corey Hammell had 11 points and seven boards; TRANSFER Connor Devine should have been highlighted last night with his 14 points and six boards on 7/8 shooting. Off the bench Ashton Pomrehn had six points; and Travish Parrish had four fouls.

CU-PDX 80 @ Monterey Bay 73

Not ideal numbers, but not bad, and the Cavaliers ultimately got it done and we’re so incredibly relieved. Nicely done Concordia-Portland!

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 10 points and three steals; Latrell Wilson had 19 points and five boards; Christopher Edward had 10 points and nine boards; Jarrett Gray had 17 points. Off the bench Harris Taylor had 10 points on perfect shooting.

SPU 102 vs. Humboldt 90

Defense… What does that mean? Not sure, but Don James always said the best defense is a good offense. Not basketball, but oh well same dif. Falcons got it done.

Falcon highlights: Coleman Wooten had 26 points and 11 boards!!; Sam Simpson had 10 rebounds?!? and four assists; Will Parker had 13 points; and Joe Rasmussen had 22 points in just 16 minutes. Off the bench Tony Miller had six boards; and Gavin Long had seven.

SMU 73 @ Fresno Pacific 59

So excited to see the numbers for this game, so excited to see the Saints play as a team. This game says they’re making progress, but FPU tends to be in the lower third of the Pac-West, so we’ll see. We’re still happy.

Saint highlights: Trey Ingram had 12 points; Jordan Kitchen had 11 points; Tyler Copp had 24 points and 10 boards, as noted last night; Rojhae Colbert had 9 points; and Fred Jorg only had 1 foul -a highlight when you’re 7’0 and weigh a svelte 300lbs. Off the bench Logan Adams had five points.

UAF 71 @ Hawaii Pacific 78

Brutal game. UAF played their hearts out. Winning in Hawaii is tough, the Nooks are a young team, HPU if we remember correctly came on really strong at the end of last year, so probably not a bad loss.

Nanook highlights: Bangaly Kaba had a heck of a game with 13 points, seven boards, and four steals; and off the bench LaDonavan Wilder had 14 points and five fouls. Lots of bad shooting numbers led to a lack of highlights. It happens. Everyone has off-nights.

Admittedly coming into the season maybe we were less excited just because we didn’t know what to be excited about… Now that the first real day of games has been played we’re beside ourselves. Our passion is fully back and we’re so grateful for that fact. Tonight is going to be fun.

We know that none of the players are tagged right now, but we’ll go back and do it later, promise.

Good luck to all GNAC teams and we’ll catch you guys with Nightlights later.

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