Welcome Back!!

A post went up for the hardcore basketball junkies a couple of months ago, but trust us: If you’re here for the first time (this year or ever) you really didn’t miss much. The GNAC is influx and we have a boatload of awesome new transfers and frosh to welcome in and love so we’re not quite sure what’s really happening just yet. In past years we’ve done ten tons of pre-season blogging, but with all of the shifting we haven’t, so here’s…

What we know:

  • Alaska-Anchorage is going to be incredible. Our pre-season pick to host the regional, because we love Anchorage and we’re biased.
  • Transfers are going to be a big deal on every team maybe except Anchorage. However, this is the GNAC so we feel like UAA is still likely to have a breakout transfer as well.
  • Seattle Pacific is undergoing a major transition. Coaching change, no returning rebounding what-so-ever, no post sized post with a post-worthy game, and no full-time returning starting guard. We’ll see. They’re scheduled fantastically as always, but who knows.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Western Washington. Saint Martin’s. Those are two teams that if they gel they’ll knock your socks off; if they don’t, things could get pretty miserable.
  • Aside from the above, truthfully everyone is a big question mark. There’s an assumption that NNU, SFU, and CU-PDX will finish at the bottom of the conference, but… This D2. One transfer can impact the entire trajectory of the season, see: Alex Birketoft. Yeah, he had good pieces around him, but they definitely didn’t look all that great until he was in there with them.

Questions that we always get asked:

  • We’ve been in the GNAC for six years.
  • This is our third year writing the GNAC blog.
  • Our plan is to write the GNAC blog until the Sonics come back.
  • Come say ‘hi’ if you see us at a game. We have curly blonde hair and aren’t over 6’5.

Pretty much it. Game previews up tomorrow morning, although God knows what those previews will consist of.


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