First NABC Rankings of 2016-2017!

Yes, there’s not as much pre-season blogging this year, but we promise: We’re still just as committed as ever. As we’ve repeated a zillion times at this point -no one returns anything (except Anchorage), D2 is amazingly volatile in how much can change by adding ONE player to any given team ala NNU 2014-2015, so the speculation is pointless and not very fun. We left plenty of spaces on our pre-season all conference teams for new guys and we can’t wait for them take the conference by storm. Newbies in the GNAC -you have a place here. You belong. We cannot wait to see you play.

That being said: the NABC poll is out and here are teams we think are important to the GNAC basketball world in particular:

9. Cal Baptist
10. Tarleton State -plays both WWU and SFU in Vegas in about six weeks.
11. Chico State
12. Alaska Anchorage -in our opinion this is too low.
21. Colorado School of Mines -not a GNAC non-con opponent this year, but often are.

Other schools receiving votes: Western Oregon (27th), Azusa Pacific, Seattle Pacific, Western Washington, Dixie State, UC San Diego, and Point Loma.

It’s kind of funny -we’ll trust them on the CCAA and Pac-West schools receiving votes being legit, and from an out of conference perspective we’re sure that Seattle Pacific looks legit because it’s SPU, but… From knowing what we know about our own conference? SPU returns less than nothing.

Speaking of which: exhibition games are being played. Saint Martin’s played EWU and the score was close but the numbers were terrible. SPU played BYU and they got blown out but we saw a lot of really good numbers, so that’s interesting on both fronts.

More soon… Our “welcome back” post will probably go up next Thursday in anticipation of Friday’s games.

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