October Prognostication

Here’s our official pre-season poll. There are so many transfers this year that we just don’t know, but here’s a shot at nothing with brief explanations. Asterisks denote teams we think will 100% qualify for the Regional.

1. Alaska-Anchorage* -Suki, Corey, Diante, Spencer, Sjur, nutso coach = Success.
2. Western Oregon* -Tanner and Alex can do way more than they were expected to last season.
3. Saint Martin’s -There’s a lot to be said for good coaching, teamwork, and the ability to run plays.
4. Western Washington -They return a ton that we really like, but haven’t displayed the teamwork abilities the Saints have.
5. Seattle Pacific -We love Grant Leep and they’ve got a ton of underclassmen with potential. Question is: Will they rebound from losing all of their rebounding?
6. Central Washington -They basically only return Terry Dawn, but can literally grant admission to anyone, which makes men’s basketball much less challenging.
6. MSU-Billings -Return quite a bit, but can they generate the magic to procure a berth in the conference tournament?
8. Alaska-Fairbanks -Wanted to place them higher, but they just don’t return anything except Bangaly.
9. Northwest Nazarene -They’re excited about their transfers, but they’re still guys that agreed to go play in Nampa, Idaho.
10. CU-Portland -lost their best player. Admittedly, we personally encouraged him to transfer. CU-Portland’s official stance is that the earth is 8,000 years old. Do you really want a diploma with that on it?
11. Simon Fraser -Hopefully not, but as it has been it shall be. Good luck Clan.

Once the Coaches Poll goes up we’ll post the side-by-side comparison. Leave a prognostication in the comments and we’ll post yours too!

Next week will theoretically be a post about getting set for the season.

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