Pre-Season All Conference Teams

First and foremost: We are failures because we thought we set this post to go up on Monday and we did not and so now it’s Tuesday, but here we go!

After last year, we’re questioning what the point of this is… We were SO wrong. But one of the best things you can cultivate is understanding why you’re wrong and/or why you lost. Understand, not accept. And in that understanding with this: It’s that these guys are real people, not Droids, and they do what they want -even when it’s to their own detriment.

The fact is: Pre-season teams are fun. So while they matter as much as a pick-up game in the middle of August, we’re still doing them! Woo-hoo!

1st Team

Bangaly Kaba -Alaska-Fairbanks, Sr.
Suki Wiggs -Alaska-Anchorage, Sr.
Corey Hammell -Alaska-Anchorage, Sr.
Tanner Omlid -Western Oregon, Jr.

2nd Team

Sjur Berg -Alaska-Anchorage, Soph.
Jeffrey Parker -Western Washington, Sr.
Terry Dawn -Central Washington, Sr.

We always like to leave room for transfers because it’s D2 and we get a lot of really good ones. This year our conference collectively doesn’t bring a whole lot back. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a down year in the slightest -it just simply means we don’t bring a lot back and transfers are going to be key players on almost every team, for good or for bad.

Curious to hear what you guys think -there were a number of people noted last week that were considered for the pre-season teams but we just didn’t feel like we had enough evidence, especially when so many transfers are going to see major minutes.

Next Monday: Gif reactions depicting what we’re anticipating out of each team.

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