WOU vs. The World

Let’s just jump right in to WOU vs. Saginaw Valley (Mich.) in the Elite Eight.

Western Oregon 81, Saginaw Valley 68

This game was amazing. Great rebounding performance, more turnovers than in earlier rounds but still elite in terms of how few -the Wolves only had SEVEN turnovers in the freaking Elite Eight. Um, wow. That’s amazing. Really balanced play, great distribution, good games from a lot of guys. With that:

Wolves highlights: Devon Alexander had 15 points and six boards; Julian Nichols had nine boards, six assists, and 17 points, going 9/11 from the line; Tanner Omlid had a double-double with 15 points and 10 boards; and Andy Avgi had 20 points. Off the bench Alex Roth had eight points and six boards.

Final Four

Augustana 74, Western Oregon 55

The good news is, Augustana won the whole thing so although they lost by 19, the Wolves shouldn’t feel too bad. That’s what we told ourselves in 2012 when we lost to WWU in the Sweet 16. Lots of really ugly numbers, but still very few turnovers. Jim Shaw, teach us your ways.

Wolves highlights: Tanner Omlid had 17 points and eight boards.

Yup. The game was that bad. It was the Final Four, so we’re not going to dig into the Wolves too badly because Augustana was/is amazing, but yeah. Andy was completely ineffective. The MO of Augustana was to shut him down and they did it beautifully. It was what it was. The season was still amazing and our highest amount of congratulations to the Wolves along with our deepest apologies on posting this stuff so late.

On Monday we’ll have our official preliminary “Welcome Back,” post and we’ll officially be back into our pre-season Monday Madness, so… Should be good.

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