Our GNAC Tourney MVP is… Mitch Penner!

Remember -ours is based off of math and a set formula; if a guy played two games, he was in consideration for this award.

This week it wasn’t close -Mitch won by far, going away. No question. He played major minutes, stepped up defensively, finally got the boards we knew he was capable of getting, and dropped huge amounts of points -admittedly many coming from the free throw line. Still: his shooting numbers were good both days, going 8/11 from the field AND 9/9 from the line against Western Oregon. We know he’s itching for a rematch in the round of 32, but would like to remind him that there’s an Azusa Pacific game to win first.

Part of us wonders if this week he was finally able to procure these numbers because teams finally learned to focus on Bryce and took the double team off of him -there was a lot of really, really good defense employed by both Central Washington and Western Oregon, but Mitch definitely had a bit more room than he often does. We’re so proud of him, we’ve been waiting to watch a few games like this when we could finally feel like every team wasn’t simply gunning for him straight up, he responded, he took advantage, and again: our pride is through the roof.

Congrats Mitch and good luck in Monmouth!!


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