The D2 West Bubble

Cal Baptist killed Azusa Pacific, but both are theoretically safe.

Humboldt State never trailed against UCSD and generally speaking led by a lot.

Alaska-Fairbanks and Western Oregon battled it out with Western Oregon eventually kinda sorta pulling away.

What we know:

1. Western Oregon
2. Cal Baptist
3. Humboldt State

Not seedings, just the auto bids -although WOU will be #1 for sure.

These are the at-large bids that we think are in for sure:

4. Seattle Pacific
6. Azusa Pacific
7. Chico State

We’re fully in the camp that Chico State is in. They have good SOS, won the regular season, there’s parity across all three conferences, there’s no reason that the CCAA regular season champion shouldn’t make it.

That being said, who’s team number eight? We’re in the camp that it should be Cal Poly Pomona, and if not Cal Poly Pomona then we like the argument about Dixie State. Dixie State hasn’t been quite as hot as UAF to end the season, but Dixie State has way better strength of schedule and has clearly gotten better and better as the season has gone on. Early in the year they looked like a complete mess and we were bemoaning it for Seattle Pacific’s strength of schedule, but the Rebels have come on really strong. They also beat UAF head-to-head and while it was a while ago, again the teams are matching each other pretty well at the end of the season.

Ultimately… Eight we think should go to either Cal Poly Pomona or Dixie. Dixie because of coming on really strong at the end, Cal Poly Pomona because they’re such a complete team and while they’ve had some let-down games, we truly believe in their ability to beat anyone in the west region. Still going with Cal Poly Pomona. We were thinking we were going to switch to Dixie State, but no CPP has our vote for final at-large.

Regular Game Review posts up in the AM.

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