Previewing Day 2

Here we go. All games played at Saint Martin’s in Lacey, Washington.

#6 WWU “@” #2 UAF @ 12pm

Big thing here is the mismatch with Almir and we’re torn on what we think the Vikings should do. On the one hand it might be good to play Mac Johnson and at least have something against the beast that is Almir. On the other thing, the odds of Mac doing anything against Almir are slim, so might as well accept it and send in one of the other guys that provide rebounding and offense and what not. Bangaly and Travante… We don’t see the Viking defense being able to stop them, even if they match-up fairly well. UAF is playing some really, really good basketball right now and we expect them to continue it.

#4 SPU “@” #1 WOU @ 2:30ish

As noted yesterday: SPU has never been able to stop Andy Avgi. Julian has been playing exactly as we’ve expected all year -he’s finally found his groove again. Jordan Wiley has been doing well, Devon Alexander has come on strong, Alex Roth is always really good. SPU has a lot of decent guys, and have taken the Wolves to over time each time, but can they get over the hump? Definitely going to be a challenge, and honestly we kind of doubt it? We still have no idea what the Falcons are doing and yet we have a very good sense of what the Wolves are doing. That says something at least.

We’ll be at the tournament for all of both games. Come say ‘hi.’ Good luck to the Nooks, Vikings, Wolves, and Falcons.



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