Previewing Today’s GNAC Games!

Conference tourney time! Can’t wait. If you haven’t been to a GNAC tourney at Saint Martin’s -you should go, their staff is the best in the GNAC, always a great time. We love that they’re back to hosting it, although… MSUB has a special place in our heart because last year when we were battling the now-former SPU AD, one of the Yellowjacket staffers remarked “Well, are you planning on coming and cooking meth on campus? No? Okay. You’re good. We’ll see you later this week.”

#3 Alaska Anchorage vs. #6 Western Washington @ 12pm

UAA all day. Corey is a monster, Suki gonna Suki -he drives us nuts, but he does pass and get boards and whatnot, Brian McGill is easily the best point guard in the league -sorry Bryce and Julian- and we can’t wait to watch him. The Vikings have no sense of teamwork, no sense of unselfishness, and while we will exclude three guys from that: Kyle Impero, Trey Drechsel, and Jeffrey Parker; the rest don’t seem to give a crap, which is unfortunate. Kind of excited to see how the Seawolves slice and dice them, because we doubt that Tony Dominguez has learned to not foul Suki Wiggs.

#4 Seattle Pacific vs. #5 Central Washington @ 2:15pm

This game is going to be nucking futs. CWU got the best of the Falcons in Ellensburg a couple of weeks ago, SPU lord knows what they’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. We don’t want to say the Falcons have been spiraling since losing at CWU and SMU, but… They haven’t been the Falcons. Is there strategy behind it? Probably. But now they have to click into high-gear when their last opponent was Simon Fraser. We’re not sure how much everybody is on the same page at SPU, whereas CWU everyone is on the exact same page and it’s very clear to see. We expect a Wildcat victory, particularly after the nice win they picked up against UAA.


We’ll be there at 1ish, theoretically in our usual spot; come say ‘hi.’

Good luck to the Seawolves, Vikings, Falcons, and Wildcats.



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