Conference Game Day #20

WE MADE IT. WE GOT THROUGH. WE DID IT. AND YOU ALL WERE HERE WITH US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!! And even if you weren’t, just nod along because we’re giving you credit anyway. Now go visit our pretty, completed chart of conference play.

The big question on everyone’s mind: Who made the conference tournament and what is the seeding/why is it that way?

1. Western Oregon
2. Alaska-Fairbanks
3. Alaska-Anchorage
4. Seattle Pacific
5. Central Washington
6. Western Washington

The reason it is that way is because UAF and UAA were tied, Western Washington and Saint Martin’s were tied, and then UAF won tonight while UAA lost tonight. Had UAA won SMU would be in the conference tournament. It works that way because WWU and SMU were both swept by WOU, thus it moves down to UAF & UAA who were tied themselves. UAA swept UAF, WWU had a win over UAF while SMU had a win over UAA. Had UAA won tonight they would have received the second seed and SMU would’ve held the tiebreaker over WWU. Instead WWU plays in the conference tournament and SMU watches; they’ll still be there because they’re hosting it, HA.

We’ll cover the conference tournament and who is playing whom for all three West Region conferences soon in another post, but we did want to do that stuff in this one just ’cause it is important. Now, on with the highlights.

Alaska-Fairbanks 80 @ Northwest Nazarene 55

We’ll fully admit we stopped watching this game at halftime because the Nooks were so decidedly in control. Great performance. Ridiculously proud of them for doing as needed, committing to playing the game and getting it done. Exactly what needed to happen. Great win to enter the conference tournament on.

Nanook highlights: Bangaly had six boards; Joe Slocum had eight boards and nine assists; Travante had 11 points and five boards; Brandon Davis had a good game with 20 points; and Big Al had 12 points on 6/7 shooting -looove it, exactly what a big guy should do. Off the bench Alex Duncan had 12 points; and Isaac Ladines had six points.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 13 points and five boards; and off the bench Gonzo had nine points; and Detwon had 11 points + seven boards.

Good rebounding performance by the Nooks. Excited to see what they do in the tournament. They seem to be turning on at the right time and we’re loving how they’re working together. Yes, Bangaly didn’t have a very good game but that happens. Bangaly has been clutch throughout the season, we totally believe in him, and he didn’t need to have a good game tonight because… His teammates had his back!

Concordia-Portland 85 @ MSU-Billings 86

What became a crazy close but very sloppy game defensively. We’re a little mad at the Yellowjackets, to be perfectly honest, regardless as to the fact that they got it done.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 20 points and five assists; Latrell Wilson had 24 points; Jarrett Gray had nine points; Riley Hawken had a flawless full house with 11 points, five boards, three blocks, three steals, four fouls, and NO TURNOVERS. Off the bench Nuaimi Davis had 14 points on near-perfect shooting.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 11 boards; Kendall Denham had 10 assists; Marc Matthews had 16 points; Emmanuel Johnson had 17 points; and Emmanuel Olufemi had six boards. Off the bench Kamal Tall had five points; and Jordan Perry had 20 points while going 5/5 from the line.

Scarier game for the Yellowjackets than it needed to be, but kind of a motivating way to end the season all the same; got the win, but so much to improve upon.

Western Washington 86 @ Saint Martin’s 103

This game was beautiful from the SMU perspective, but… We’re kind of annoyed at the defense to be perfectly honest. Why let WWU score 86 points if you don’t have to? Yes the Saints were up by 20 pretty much the entire game, but… Why not defense? Just makes no sense. We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

Viking highlights: Kyle Impero had 13 points and five boards; Trey Drechsel had 14 points; Jeffrey Parker had a whopping 32 points; and off the bench Harris Javier had seven points, while Colby Mitchell had eight points.

Saint highlights: Cole Preston had 20 points and five assists; and Tyler Copp had 20 points. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 20 points and seven assists; Victor Ieronymides had seven points; and Brandon Kenilvort had 17 points. The vast majority of SMU guys were wearing shorts that were slightly above the knee, which we approve of. It seems as though Brandon has solved his baggy shorts issue, so that was good improvement from when we last saw the Saints.

As noted above: Ultimately Western Washington will be in the conference tournament, but a good performance from the Saints none-the-less.

Simon Fraser 62 @ Seattle Pacific 85

So the Falcons decided to actually function. Okay. Good job Falcons, good job. If you’re missing the sarcasm: that was sarcasm. Maybe.

Clan highlights: Oshea Gairey had 13 points; Andrew Williamson played a full forty minutes and was 7/8 from the line; and Tyrell Lewin had seven boards and eight points off the bench.

Falcon highlights: Bryce Leavitt had 14 points, six rebounds, and five assists; Brendan Carroll had nine points; Gilles Dierickx had 15 points and seven boards; Mitch Penner had a heck of a senior night with 27 points and 11 rebounds, rounded out by a full house; and off the bench Joe Rasmussen had six points.

The Falcons are probably the most confunding team in the GNAC. We recommend they get their spit together, but are doubting they will. They’re the only team we feel comfortable with saying we expect a first round exit from the tournament, because they just don’t seem to give a crap. Even when they play well, they just don’t seem to care. It’s kind of odd, to be perfectly honest.

Alaska-Anchorage 81 @ Central Washington 88 in OT

First and foremost: LET BRIAN MCGILL TAKE THE LAST #$#% SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck? Why would you go to a guy that shoots 35% to take the last freaking shot? How stupid do you think the Wildcats are? Get it to Brian and there is no overtime, Brian would have made the shot and UAA would have won and it would be done. Plus, why settle for three? Penetrate, draw the foul, you just need to make one shot, and it’s over. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Still, congrats Wildcats on smart play down the stretch!

Seawolf highlights: None, per author’s discretion. Actually: Brian McGill had 12 points and was 4-4 from the line.

Wildcats highlights: Terry Dawn had 13 points; Gary Jacobs had five boards and five fouls; Joe Stroud had a HUUUGE game with 26 points, six boards, and five blocks; and Devin Matthews had 11 assists. Off the bench Naim Ladd had 10 points; and Desmond Ross had 11 points.

Ridiculously proud of the Wildcats -got the win against a very good Anchorage team, on senior night. It’s hard to win at CWU and we get the feeling that UAA just never took the Wildcats seriously. Not sure why UAA didn’t want the first round bye, but go figure. Good luck to both teams in the conference tournament.

We’re 50/50 on whether or not to wait until after NCAAs finish up to do post-season awards. There’s a good argument that many of these teams exemplify that you really only need three good guys and a great coach to make post-season, so… Solid argument that post-season play should be taken into account in regard to the awards given out.

Conference tournament talk about the GNAC/Pac-West/CCAA will be up later today. Tomorrow player-of-the-week per usual. Tuesday we’ll see. Wednesday discussions. Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday tourney preview and results stuff. Pretty normal week, more or less.

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