Previewing Tonight’s Games

The Standings page has been updated, so check that out.

Yes, huge game tonight. WWU @ SMU for a spot in the conference tournament and the potential opportunity to procure the autobid and make the Big Dance. Good times. The teams are fairly even to the point that it gets reaaaally complicated if WWU loses tonight. Both got swept by WOU. WWU has a win over UAF, SMU has a win over UAA. Both of the Alaska teams are expected to finish with the same conference record because both are projected to win tonight, however if UAA loses to CWU, we think that means that WWU will get the nod because they have a win over the higher finishing UAF. We’re not clear on what happens if there’s a tie needed after that, but it seems like the obvious would be that you go to the next team, and in that case SMU gets the nod because they have a win over SPU that WWU does not. Interesting stuff.

Now let’s get into the previews, all times pacific.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6pm

NNU gave the Seawolves some problems, but at this point we’re sure the Nanooks are just ready to be done with the regular season and thus we don’t expect UAF to have any problem with the Crusaders.

CU-Portland @ MSU-Billings @ 6pm

MSUB is officially out of the running for the conference tournament, but we’ll see what they do as it comes to taking on the Cavaliers of Concordia. For both teams ending the season with a win would be great, but really there’s no telling what’s going to happen. We’ve seen both teams play really well; we’ve seen both teams play really poorly. We tend to feel that MSUB has a higher ceiling at this point, and thus if both teams are playing at their best then MSUB should win, but who knows.

Simon Fraser @ Seattle Pacific @ 7pm

The Falcons have a propensity of losing these games and the Clan has maybe the memory of beating the Falcons at home last year, so it could be interesting but more likely it’s not.

Alaska-Anchorage @ Central Washington @ 7:30pm

Everything in us wants to believe in the Wildcats and yet we just can’t. The Seawolves made child’s play out of the Wildcats up in Anchorage and CWU just got killed by the Nanooks, so… Not much hope. But playing at CWU is hard, so maybe UAA falls into the trap and CWU gets a nice win before heading into the conference tournament? We shall see.

Western Washington @ Saint Martin’s @ 7pm

Game of the night. No idea what to expect out of either team. On Thursday Western Washington was without Ricardo Maxwell and Saint Martin’s decided to stick Fred Jorg back in the starting line-up -both of which we find not a recipe for success, so we’ll see. Western Washington has the talent to absolutely kill the Saints. At times the Saints have displayed the chemistry that tends to give WWU fits. Like a lot of the teams we talked about above, there’s no telling which side of these teams show up on any given night. It could be close. It could be a blowout. It could go to overtime and be very exciting. We could be watching a really long game that just simply takes forever without adding any value. We’ll see, but there’s a lot on the line so hopefully both teams step-up.

Nightlights? Maybe. If not, we’ll catch you guys here tomorrow morning.


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