Conference Game Day #19

We’re approaching the last conference games of the year and the final spot in the conference tournament all comes down to ONE of them. We can’t wait, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow morning.

Western Oregon 80 @ MSU-Billings 72

We’re really not sure what to say about this game. Notably that selfish play ultimately ruined what would have been a great victory for MSUB, but that we’re glad the Wolves pulled together and got it done.

Wolf highlights: Devon Alexander had 19 points; Julian Nichols had 15 points and seven boards; Tanner Omlid had four boards, four steals, and 10 points; Jordan Wiley was 7/8 from the line; and Andy Avgi had a full house along with 17 points and including four blocks.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had 22 points and eight boards; Kendall Denham had five boards; Emmanuel Johnson had a heck of a game with 20 points and six boards; and Emmanuel Olufemi had seven boards. Off the bench Jordan Perry went 7/7 from the line. The team collectively shot 85% from the line and had 11 boards -awesome.

Alaska-Anchorage 74 @ Northwest Nazarene 61

Not nearly the blowout we were expecting. The Crusaders were in this for a long time and then decided to start fouling Suki Wiggs, almost got away with it, and then the Seawolves pulled it out. Fun stuff.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs had 28 points and eight boards; Spencer Svejcar had 10 points while playing an incredible 39 minutes; Corey Hammell had 11 points and 12 boards; Brian McGill had a full house among 19 points and five boards.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 22 points; Detwon Rogers had 19 points and seven boards; Leoor Konenkov had six boards and four fouls; and off the bench Pol Olivier had seven points.

Congrats on the Seawolves for escaping, and congrats to the Crusaders on keeping those pesky Seawolves on their toes. They’ll appreciate when they’re battling the wascally Wildcats of Central, for sure.

Simon Fraser 58, Saint Martin’s 87

Hold your horses about that score -the Clan was missing both Max Barkeley and JJ Pankratz. Still, the Saints are in this to win it and never let SFU have any room to breathe what-so-ever. The Saints still have a chance to make the conference tournament and they’re seizing the moment, regardless as to what’s going on with the other team.

Clan highlights: Andrew Williamson had 18 points; Oshea Gairey had six boards; Gibran Sewani had 14 points and a full house; Bowen Bakken had six boards; and Hidde Vos had five boards.

Saint highlights: Rhett Baerlocher had 16 points; Cole Preston had nine points; and Fred Jorg had five assists. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 15 points; Brandon Kenilvort had 13 points and eight rebounds; Michael Painter had Isaac Bianchini had eight points a piece; and Demario Hall had five points.

Good game for the Saints; when the going is good, the good get going. Exactly what they did. We’ll see what the Saints do on Saturday.

Western Washington 51 @ Seattle Pacific 58

Traaaain wreck, just as expected. Seattle Pacific almost choked but didn’t. Western Washington almost took advantage of it, but didn’t. The Vikings were without Ricardo Maxwell, but according to math that was all the more reason to lose by more considering last time the Vikings played the Falcons Ricardo played and they lost by 20+, so… Enough with that excuse. What the Falcons excuse was who knows, but they got it done, so… Good times.

Viking highlights: Trey Drechsel had a good game with 14 points and eight boards; Jeffrey Parker had six boards and three steals; Mac Johnson had eight points; and off the bench the Falcon-by-blood Brett Kingma had nine points. Collectively the team grabbed five boards to finish with a total of 35, very impressive against the Falcons and considering the Vikings seemingly had given up on rebounding. Very good to see.

Falcon highlights: Bryce Leavitt finished with a double-double in 39 minutes, scoring 15 points and grabbing 10 boards; and Mitch Penner had six boards. Off the bench Sam Simpson had nine points; and Gabe Colosimo had five points.

Maybe most interesting is that Kyle Impero and Bryce Leavitt match-up really well and Bryce won the battle quite handily. Both are skinny guards that rebound like crazy and have been kind of off on their shooting from the field but will never let you down at the line. SPU’s spot in the conference tournament is clinched, and WWU is hoping to clinch theirs on Saturday.

Alaska-Fairbanks 92 @ Central Washington 71

What is there to say about this game? UAF went up by a lot, the CWU came back in, and then UAF said no way and from there on they rolled. We’re not sure if it lulls us into a false sense of security about CWU is capable of against Anchorage or if it makes us go “Nope, the Wildcats don’t match-up with the Alaska schools at all and Saturday is going to be one big yikes.” We’ll see.

Nanook highlights: Bangaly had 19 points and nine boards; Joe Slocum had six boards; Travante had 11 boards, six assists, and 19 points on 10/11 shooting from the line and good shooting from the field; Brandon Davis had 13 points; and Big Al had eight boards and 14 points. Off the bench Zach Pederson was 5/6 and had 10 points.

Wildcat highlights: Terry Dawn had 22 points in just 22 minutes; Gary Jacobs had 17 points, six assists, and five fouls; and Joe Stroud had six boards and 10 points. Off the bench Drake Rademacher had five boards; and Chris-Michael Garrett had eight points.

Congrats to the Nooks on a good win and good luck to the Wildcats against the Mighty Seawolves on Saturday.

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