Player-of-the-Week is… Julian Nichols!

This is his first win of the year? Pretty sure. But for those of you that were here last year, Julian was a relatively frequent name in discussion. He’s kind of fallen off this year, but not this week, and we’re so happy to get to name him as POW. He was our runner up player-of-the-year last year, so definitely one of our favorites.

Julian had a super efficient game against the Mighty Seawolves of Alaska-Anchorage, playing all 40 minutes, shooting 5/7 from the field, 3/4 from three, making all four of his free throws, and grabbing seven boards and seven assists, while having just ONE turnover. Absolutely ridiculous against anyone, but against UAA? WHOA. Granted, there’s an argument that the Seawolves focused their attention on Andy, but… That had nothing to do with Julian and he took advantage of it. That’s just good basketball.

Against UAF Julian was a little quieter statistically but played 39 minutes and was 6/6 from the line. Sometimes that’s all you can do -play D and make your free throws. If you do that as a guard, the odds of winning go up. And he got his mojo back against Anchorage. It’s hard to play in Fairbanks -no one is denying that, and Julian still had a really good game.

Congrats on Player-of-the-Week Julian, good luck this week against MSUB and Concordia-Portland and go Wolves!!


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