Previewing Today’s Games

GOOOOOOD MORNING. We ‘re shouting, sort of, because the GAME OF THE DAY occurs at 3PM IN THE AFTERNOON!!!!!!! At least for those of us on Pacific Standard Time.

All times pacific.

CWU @ SFU @ 3pm

Wildcats just got a great win against rival Western Washington, should keep the ball rolling against the Clan lickety split.

CU-P @ UAF @ 3pm

Nooks just got a huge win against #1 WOU and look to continue their winning ways against CU-Portland. Concordia should fight hard but we really don’t expect too much out of them.

WOU @ UAA @ 3pm

Yes. Game of the day. What’ll happen, who knows, but it should be really, really, really good and we can’t wait to watch it, so we’re looking forward to that. Andy Avgi against Corey Hammell. Julian Nichols against Brian McGill. Alex Roth against Christian Leckband. Some of our favorite players facing off. Should be incredible. We’ll be all up on it on Twitter.

NNU @ WWU @ 7:30pm

This is actually a great chance for NNU to come in and beat the Vikings, and yet… it’s a great chance for the Vikings to get a nice win against the Crusaders before they deal with the Falcons on Thursday.

MSUB @ SPU @ 9pm

Game of the night because who knows. Match-up of former travel partners. MSUB is in the hunt for a spot in the conference tournament, they got a nice win against SMU and are hoping to keep the ball rolling. SPU is on a two game losing streak spanning both Central Washington and Saint Martin’s; need to bounce out of it. We shall see, it should be a good game though.

Nightlights? Guys have start killing it, so hopefully. Otherwise: 11am tomorrow.


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