Conference Game Day #17

Really fun night of basketball, so… Let’s talk about it.

Northwest Nazarene 77 @ Simon Fraser 65

Kind of a nasty game. It wasn’t a mistake last night that we didn’t include any NightLights -nightlights are for really good performances; perfect shooting, 10+ rebounds, eight+ assists, that sort of thing. Still, keeping you guys abreast of all the action and the players with numbers is what we do, so here we go.

Crusader highlights: Bouna had 13 points; Detwon Rogers had eight boards and 24 points; Mike Wright had seven assists and 20 points; Marko Lepovic had five boards. Off the bench Gonzo Santana had five points and Kyle Bailey had four boards.

Clan highlights: Oshea Gairey had five assists; Michael Harper had eight rebounds; Graham Smith had five rebounds; and JJ Pankratz had 10 points in just 13 minutes on perfect shooting. Off the bench Gibran Sewani had 10 points and eight boards.

Central Washington 73 @ Western Washington 68

For the most part it was close all game and yet on the Vikings side it felt like a losing battle. These teams are kind of nicely contrasted; CWU works as a team, the Vikings can’t figure out that there’s no ‘I’ in team. The amount that the Vikings just stood around rather than chasing after the ball is barfastastic. GET THE DARN ROCK. CWU did that. And the Wildcats made their free throws! Yay!

Wildcat highlights: Joey Roppo had seven points while going 5/5 from the line; Terry Dawn had 10 points and five boards; Gary Jacobs had seven boards and nine points; Joe Stroud had 16 points and 11 boards; and Devin Matthews had five assists. Off the bench Naim Ladd had four boards and 12 points; and Desmond Ross had five boards and six points.

Viking highlights: Kyle Impero had 15 boards and 21 points; Brad Wallace had 19 points and four steals; and off the bench Isom Brown had four boards.

MSU-Billings 84 @ Saint Martin’s 80

What to say about this game? Whoa? MSUB was up by a lot for a huge majority but SMU battled back and almost got the win, although couldn’t pull it out. MSUB collapsed down the stretch but got out of it? For the most part the game was MSUB blowing out SMU, but… Didn’t end that way and that’s big.

Yellowjacket highlights: Preston Beverly had a great game with 13 boards and 17 points; Marc Matthews had eight boards, was 7/8 from the line, and rounded it out with a full house; Emmanuel Johnson had a great shooting night and grabbed 7 boards and 22 points; and off the bench Jordan Perry had four steals and five points.

Saint highlights: Victor Ieronymides had five boards and 15 points; Jordan Kitchen had 11 points; and Tyler Copp had 16 points and was 8/8 from the line. Off the bench Trey Ingram had 14 points; and Isaac Bianchini had eight points.

CU-Portland 67 @ Alaska-Anchorage 93

Fairly typical. CU-Portland beat UAA up there last year, but this is a brand new team, so… Loss to be expected. Still, UAA had a great game after the trial of travel partner week last Thursday.

Cavalier highlights: Drew Martin had 12 points and five boards; and Riley Hawken had five boards and 11 points. Off the bench Jace Cates had eight points; and in his return to his former home John Erickson had 10 points.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs had 22 points and six boards; Corey Hammell had 13 boards and 11 points in just 23 minutes; Drew Peterson had 9 points; Brian McGill had 19 points and nine assists; and off the bench, one of the GNAC’s best sixth men, Christian Leckband had 16 points and six boards.

Super excited for the Seawolves -still chasing their at-large bid and so far we consider the quest going fairly well. A win against WOU tomorrow would be huge in that quest, so we shall wee.

Western Oregon 78 @ Alaska-Fairbanks 87

You may wonder why we didn’t do much retweeting of the score throughout the game when UAF was up by a lot. It’s because WOU often goes down by a lot and usually comes back. It’s very expected behavior. The difference this time is that when WOU came back, UAF stepped it up. It was close. It was within a possession. But the Nanooks made their free throws and put it away and we could not be more proud of them. Very, very excited for the Polar Bears; now the trick is not to have a let down game against the Cavs of Concordia.

Wolf highlights: Devon Alexander had eight boards; Julian Nichols had 16 points; Tanner Omlid had five boards and 25 points; Andy Avgi had seven boards. Off the bench Alex Roth had 13 points on 7/8 free throw shooting.

Nanook highlights: Bangaly Kaba had 16 points and five boards on good shooting; Joe Slocum had five boards; Travante Williams had 11 boards while going 10/12 from the line; Brandon Davis had 18 points; and off the bench Alex Duncan had 11 points.

Huge performance from the Nooks for shutting Andy Avgi down. Almir didn’t really show up in the stats, but we suspect he was doing work against the behemoth from Monmouth. Big game for the Wolves on Saturday taking on the Seawolves of Alaska-Anchorage, so… We look forward to that.

Really great night of basketball, super proud of all the guys. We’ll see you at 11am tomorrow for the game day previews.


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