Previewing Tonight’s Games

We really don’t know about almost any of tonight’s games, but… here we go.

All times pacific.

SPU @ NNU @ 6pm

NNU has been fading down the stretch and fast. The Falcons need to get their youth movement back under control. They didn’t take Concordia seriously to start off with but still won, then gave up a HUGE lead to WOU although that was kind of poetic because the Wolves had done the same thing to them the first time the two teams met. This game shouldn’t include drama but there very well might be.

SMU @ CWU @ 7pm

Part of us is like “Oh this could be so close!” and part of us is like “No way, CWU’s going to blow them out.” The fact is: there may be some overlook. There’s some bad blood between SPU and CWU and the Falcons come to the Burg on Saturday, so… We’ll see.

SFU @ CU-P @ 7pm

Is this where the Clan gets their first win? Maybe. CU-Portland had a rough week, getting blown out by two teams, while SFU had a great weekend of staying in games against Bankorage.

WWU @ WOU @ 7pm

The Vikings are a straight up mess, WOU’s high off of a great win at SPU. WOU is playing to maintain their hosting of the Regional, WWU is playing to try and keep their spot in the conference tournament and thus a chance to try and get the autobid. We don’t see it ending well for the Vikings.

UAF @ UAA @ 8:30pm

Game of the night in a big way. Last time the two teams met UAA won 100-91 in OT. Obviously the Nooks want to return the favor. The Nooks are coming off a nice blowout win at WWU after struggling a bit with SFU. The Seawolves are coming off of a somewhat struggled win at SFU after winning in 2OT against WWU, so… interesting stuff there. Anything can happen in a rivalry game and in this one either team could blow the other out, they could keep it close, impossible to say.

Should be a good night of basketball. We’ll catch you all at 11am tomorrow morning to find out what happened.


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