Nightlights: MSUB upsets UAA.

And you guys have been clicking and clicking and while we really don’t care about our traffic spikes… Secretly we do and on a night like tonight we’re especially more than happy to do some gushing about GNAC men’s basketball.

Remember: MSUB holds a very special place in our hearts for a lot of reasons: they were our undergraduate travel partner, the drive is our favorite, the fact that their coaches are bald and thus it reminds us of the only part of attending Seattle Pacific that we actually liked… And the bonus that their announcers are the best in the GNAC; it’s the only GNAC broadcast we’ll watch with the sound on.

With all of those great things and more… We didn’t really predict them to pull this off, but we did say it would be hard for UAA to get a win in Billings. It’s always hard to get a win in Billings. But a blowout by the Yellowjackets? By 20? Seriously? Seriously? That’s meant positively toward MSUB, not negatively toward UAA.

UAA highlight:

Suki had 27 points with only seven of them being free throws and actually shot almost 50% from the field, which is amazing especially for him, so he does deserve to be commended.

To the rest of the UAA team: Don’t beat yourselves up too badly. Transitive property of college basketball: Cal Poly Pomona lost to Cal State LA, NNU beat Cal State LA, you guys killed NNU, and NNU got killed by the Yellowjackets too. Everything’s kosher. It’s all good. D2West gonna D2West -you’re a part of it, a part of the cool kids.

MSUB highlights:

PRESTON BEVERLY HAD 13 BOARDS, FOUR ASSISTS, AND 25 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His shooting was fine. That’s a seriously legitimate line.

JORDAN PERRY SHOT 100%!!! Little bit less impressive because he only took four total shots, but 100% is 100%. Smart shot selection off the bench. Eight points, nothing to scoff at.

The msub TEAM shot 63% from three, making 17/27 shots. We don’t even know what to say about that. They shot the same percentage on threes as they did on free throws. That’s a Steph Curry stat, kind of. He shoots a higher percentage from three than other players do from the line.

Again: Of anyone, we believe in MSUB’s home court advantage and yet… When we finally remembered to check into the game, there was two minutes left, and the Yellowjackets were leading by roughly 20. We called someone over to check our screen and make sure we were seeing things correctly. We believe in MSUB, we believe in chaos, we’re fully informed in the lack of strength of schedule UAA possesses and yet… it came out of nowhere.

Congrats Yellowjackets, we’re supercalifragilisticexpealidociously proud of you.

We’ll talk about it more in the discussions post tomorrow morning. Pleasant dreams to all!

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