POW Noms

Wow. What a week for Player-of-the-Week. There were some really, really crazy amazing performances, and then there were teams that had no good performances what-so-ever -looking -at you NNU and Simon Fraser. Simon Fraser was admittedly getting brutalized by the Alaska schools, but… Woof. Coach Oz, Seawolves, and Polar Bears, oh my.

We will say that a lot of the guys that merely got nominated this week would have won in almost any week prior to this, so yeah. Performances were that good.

UAF: Travante Williams -a couple of great games against SFU and WWU.
UAA: Brian McGill -he’s amazing, he makes his free throws, we got tons of questions about him when he played WWU, and the biggest sentiment was what if he was actually a student athlete and had played the whole year.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Suki Wiggs of UAA. Terrible from the field but draws the foul and makes his free throws.
WWU: N/A —> Donated to Corey Hammell of UAA. Rub salt in the wound for the Vikings, but we love Corey and while we noticed he’s definitely 6’5 rather than his listed 6’6, we swear by undersized power forwards so we take no issue with it.
SPU: Mitch Penner. Two great games, kept his intensity and got people back in it against Concordia when the Cavs were threatening to make a game of it.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Gilles Dierickx of SPU. Don’t get us started on the number of shots he misses, but he did manage to stay out of foul trouble.
MSUB: Marc Matthews -two solid games, led the Yellowjackets to overtime against CWU and helped in the blowout of NNU.
CWU: Gary Jacobs -dude gets boards like whoa and makes his free throws. What more could you ask for?
NNU: N/A —> Donated to Julian Nichols of WOU. Makes his teammates better, although his shot was definitely off in both games.
CU-P: Drew Martin -two really good games, shockingly. It’s hard to have good games when your team is getting blown out and yet Drew kept his fundamentals going and did his best to lead his team.
WOU: Andy Avgi. Actually had a couple of merely “okay” games offensively, but his defense and body control is nuts.

Winner’ll be up in an hour.

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