Player-of-the-Week is… Brian McGill.


Brian’s response? Okay. Sure. You got it. He shot 26 free throws this weekend and made every. single. one. Yes. 26-26. We don’t care who you are and at what level you play -sixth grade select to NBA, if you go 26/26 from the line during game play, that is freaking impressive.

We have a policy on not blaming end-of-game free throws on losses, because there are plenty of things people can do leading up to that point in order to not make those free throws so critical, and yet… We’re positive thinkers (mostly) and so we’ll go ahead and give Brian McGill credit for nailing the game sealing free throws.

Seriously though: Just two really, really, really good games. It makes us wonder what would have happened had he decided to actually pay attention to the student part of the phrase student athlete. No doubt he’d be right in the race with Andy for player-of-the-year. And you guys are like “your rules determine who you name player of the year, you could modify them for Brian.”

No, no we can’t because that would compromise our personal integrity. Particularly in the case of Brian, because we dealt with a similar issue. We applied for our major at the end of sophomore year, the paperwork got lost, it was never caught, and all of a sudden it was the first week of senior year and we still hadn’t been admitted to our major. Guess what happened? They shoved the paperwork through, no harm no foul, because we had plenty of credits; it was only the piece of paper. The fact that Brian didn’t have enough credits to be considered a senior in his fifth year of college says some really, really bad things about his personal accountability.

That being said: He has more than earned player of the week, we got lots of fun feedback about him and how amazing he is from the people around us this past weekend, and aside from the school stuff and implicated character question marks: He’s a darn good basketball player.

Congrats Brian!!


  1. Anonymous

    As a former student athlete, I am very disappointed in this write up. I am curious to know if you were once a college student athlete (that had transferred) at the level he plays at. I think you should have personally asked Brian what his story was instead of putting him down. I know his GPA shows part of the real story because it’s well over a 3.0. Congratulations to him for thriving in the games last week.


    • GNAC Men's BasketBlog

      We transferred from D1 to D2 and went through the battles of transferring credits multiple times, because we ended up taking classes at our D1 home during the Summer.

      A 3.0+ is considered standard for student athletes at our D2 alma mater.

      If he can vote, carry a gun, and as you pointed out: Carry a 3.0+ GPA, he should be more than able to keep track of how many credits he has.


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