Previewing Tonight’s Games

Good morning! Tonight we have a lot of interesting games on the horizon, so… Let’s talk about it.

All times pacific standard.

NNU @ MSUB @ 6pm

Very evenly matched teams, but we’re yet to see NNU threaten to blow a team out, whereas MSUB has. MSUB could dominate the Crusaders, but really we expect it to be pretty close. A lot of NNU guys haven’t really been doing much as of late, so hopefully a good game to see Bouna and Mike their respective grooves back.

UAA @ SFU @ 7pm

We know the Clan is going to win a game, but this isn’t going to be it. Seawolves should roll; Thursday may have been exhausting, but it was also exhilarating.

UAF @ WWU @ 7pm

Really excited for this game -it should be a fantastic match-up and played really close. UAF just relatively narrowly escaped Simon Fraser, likely because they were looking ahead to this game. WWU just lost in 2OT to UAA because they’re still refusing to rebound adequately. To say we’re frustrated with the Vikings is 100% correct, but the good news is… All the better for a strong rebounding team like UAF to come in and show ’em how it’s done.

CU-PDX @ SMU @ 7:30pm

Love this match-up, really excited for it. Almost all of the Concordia players were kept fairly silent against SPU, so we’re looking forward to seeing hopefully a lot bounce back. That being said, SMU just went toe-to-toe with WOU and thus aren’t about to roll over and die now. Should be a super close game and who knows who’ll pull it out.




WOU @ SPU @ 7pm

Game of the night. Game of the second half of conference play? Game of the year in the West Region? Maybe. Inevitably we’re really really really excited to watch this game because while the Falcons win just about every player-to-player match-up , they’ve never been able to stop Andy Avgi. Ever. So maybe they figure it out, maybe they don’t; maybe they win, maybe they don’t. The Falcons and the Wolves are two really, really, really good teams, and with that being said: Forget at-larges, this could be the tournament host site on the line.

We now let go of your attention so you can go back to the pacing and handwringing you were doing since you woke up and inevitably will be doing until these games end -maybe even beyond then, depending on the results.

Good luck to all.


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