NNU @ CWU + Previewing Tonight’s Games

Because our ‘Discussions’ post was huge, the Wildcats and Crusaders got pushed off to today.

Northwest Nazarene 60 @ Central Washington 73

It was close until about five minutes to go in the first half and then CWU walked away and it was pretty much over. Interesting? Sort of. NNU gave WOU all they could handle and so there was some thought of “Oh, what are they going to do with CWU?” and the answer is that they were NNU. Which makes us sad because last year, when they had Alex, Erik, and Kevin, was so much fun.

Crusader highlights: Joel Devastey had 13 points and seven boards; Mike Wright had seven assists; and off the bench Gonzo Santana had 10 points.

Wildcat highlights: Terry Dawn had 9 points and five assists; Gary Jacobs had 17 points, seven boards, four assists, two steals, a block, and two fouls for the full house; Joe Stroud had a great shooting night and finished with 15 points; and off the bench Naim Ladd had six boards and four assists.

Congrats Wildcats on getting it done; keep fighting Crusaders.

All times Pacific Standard.

CWU @ MSUB @ 7pm

MSUB picked up a terrifying win against SFU but did in fact get it done. CWU should handle the Yellowjackets just fine, but playing in Billings is hard so the possibility exists that they don’t.

UAF @ SFU @ 7pm

Theoretically SFU still has Max Barkeley back, which is nice, but the Nooks should be fine provided they actually take SFU seriously and not simply sleep on them on the way to an anticipated match-up with WWU.

WOU @ SMU @ 7pm

Match-up of old travel partners. SMU got a nice win against UAA before not holding on against UAF. WOU had a major scare against NNU before brutalizing CWU. We’ll see what happens. We want to have faith in the Saints, but we know what WOU can do. It’s kind of Yin and Yang; we know both teams are truly capable of winning, but we also know both are capable of losing, and WOU has won most of the time and SMU has lost most of the time.

CU-P @ SPU @ 7:30pm

Big thing is for SPU to take Concordia-Portland seriously, but in a sense CU-Portland may be fighting the overlook factor as well. SPU is a really good team and a super rough match-up for the Cavs, and yet SMU isn’t. SMU is a great chance for CU-PDX to go toe to toe and maybe get a win. Since their season is how it is, it could in fact be very tempting to go “Whatever,” against SPU in anticipation of playing a more classically beatable team -SPU is completely beatable, just in the upset special way. SPU of course will be looking toward the WOU game, but hopefully use the CU-Portland one to fine tune things before one of the biggest regular season match-ups of the year.

UAA @ WWU @ 7pm

Game of the night. We’ve been waiting for the Vikings to gel all year and they finally have started to and we want to shout it from the mountain tops, partly just because we picked them for a bunch of pre-season stuff and they’ve been making us look wrong so… They need to prove that we were right. That being said, Anchorage just lost two games in a row at home so… Good luck Vikings, you’ll need all you can get and then some. Hope your voo-doo and sacrificial practices are up-to-date.

Should be a good night. Good luck to all teams.


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