Discussions: More West Region Stuff.

Lots of stuff on the agenda today, where to even begin? We’ll start with the fact that the internet was down at work until almost 1:30, thus the late posting.

-CU-Irvine isn’t eligible for the tournament.
-UAA’s losses to SPU/SMU.
-WOU as the #1 seed.
-The 4-1-1 on who writes this blog.

CU-Irvine isn’t eligible for the Regional.

We got official confirmation that’s the case and so we’ll go over our seedings once again probably on Sunday, but as much as they’re getting taken out, we suspect that the team that will ultimately be the “last team in” is impossible to say. This year in particular, bids are at a premium; too many teams with too many similar resumes and then you have to 100% take into account the autobid out of each respective conference tournament. When it’s all said and done, even with the extra spot via CU-I, multiple teams are going to get “left out” because welcome to Selection Sunday.

What does it mean that UAA lost to SMU/SPU?

Honestly, we really don’t think it matters a ton. Just about everyone has questionable in-conference losses and UAA matches up just fine with Humboldt State, Chico State, and some of the Pac-West schools. A loss to SMU while not ideal, especially from an out-of-conference perspective, looks totally okay when you compare to the other teams we selected as likely to get bids to the tournament. There’s still a lot of games left to play, but briefly: Cal Poly Pomona lost to Cal State LA, Western Oregon lost to Central Washington, Azusa lost to Fresno; and that’s just one example from each conference, when there are multiple.

Considering WOU as the #1 Seed -even over SPU.

There was an argument made that if Seattle Pacific beats Western Oregon this weekend and games play out as expected (ha, yeah right) then SPU will host the tournament. We’re not sure. There are too many variables between now and then, but the key one people will zoom in on is strength of schedule. The Falcons kill the Wolves in regard to SOS and yet… Two home losses. Two pretty good home losses, but both saw the Falcons choke, really choke. WOU gets it done. WOU gives up leads, but they get it done. Again, this is a bad week to discuss it because the teams are about to play each other, but… We’ll see. We’ll come back to this one next week. And probably every week after that if we’re being honest because this year the bracketology posts are going to be a lot more numerous due to all of the parity.


What does that even mean? Save our School on Strength of Schedule. And luckily every other West Region team from top to bottom is responding to your particular school’s call. The only school we’ve found with true SOS is Seattle Pacific and even that is worse than it usually would have been. We love those coaches to the moon and back, partly because they do schedule themselves so well, but this year both Dixie and BYU-Hawaii was worse than anticipated, and thus SPU’s strength of schedule is less than anticipated even while being the West Region team with the best SOS. That helps everyone out. Welcome to the D2 West 2015-2016, where strength of schedule is graded on a curve.


It’s funny to look at the national rankings because our west region ones feel really different.

3. Western Oregon -big game this week, but a loss to Seattle Pacific shouldn’t drop them much if it happens.
8. MSU Moorhead
10. UC San Diego -two great wins over Humboldt and CPP.
14. Chico State -they still have no strength of schedule and we still worry about it.
18. Cal Poly Pomona -If you’re going to lose in the CCAA, a loss to UCSD is your best option.
19. Seattle Pacific -wins over the Alaska schools in Alaska; always very challenging, although we get the feeling they would have gotten back into the Top 25 regardless as to who they played as long as they won.

Receiving votes: Cal Baptist (10), Azusa Pacific (1).

Cal Baptist -it’s being pointed out that they have five D2 losses and yet all of those losses are quality, and the rest of their schedule is 50/50 so we’ll see. They play a lot of teams that are building momentum at the right time -Dixie State, BYU-H, CU-Irvine.

Azusa Pacific -we love them, we believe in them, we’re positive they deserve more than one vote (probably in the realm of 10 to 15) but for now agree that ranking them is a little questionable.

We reached 100 Followers!

You guys are amazing. Even those of you that don’t officially follow us in any capacity but still come check in and read the blog. Quality, not quantity. Pretty esoteric subject; D2 men’s basketball in the Pacific Northwest.

We remember our first day when the project went live and we got our first individual follower: the Sunshine Conference commissioner. We remember weeks later when we finally came clean to our coach about the project and he looked at us and went ‘NO ONE CAN KNOW. I MEAN NO ONE. CAN. KNOW.’ And while the information about who we are has existed under the “Our Story,” tab since last January, for those that aren’t so fond of inductive logic… We got a question last night that may help you:

Are you Falcon Girl? You’re not Falcon Girl.

Au contraire; yes, yes I was, and part of me always will be. Because I’m boring and don’t drink nor get high, Falcon Girl was a way to blow off steam. Cawing started during my first year when we were playing a team in non-conference and I wanted to do something while the opponent shot free throws; I started cawing as a joke, they missed almost all of them, and the tradition was born.

As you’ve probably gathered from reading the blog: I wasn’t the most fond of attending SPU. Now that Erin O’Connell is gone things are a little better, but… my beloved Home-Away-From-Home has become Home-Home and I couldn’t ask for two better D2 programs to call “mine.” Granted: between Ryan Looney’s scheduling habits, my commitment to away games, and my decision that blogging would be the best way to stay involved post graduation -the entire west region/GNAC is pretty much mine =) Such a huge blessing and you (yes even YOU) are a part of it, so thank-you for helping bring joy to my life -unless, that is, you’re an SPU alum or staff member that regularly bullied me, told me I was a disgrace to our university, and openly stated that girls can’t know anything about men’s basketball. If you’re one of those people: Geht zu höllen.

If one person writes it, why do you use the term ‘we’ and always talk in the possessive plural?

Because it’s socially unacceptable to do anything by yourself. Just a habit developed because when you mention you went to Chico/Alaska/Arizona (grad school games) by yourself, people give you really weird looks. Um, if I waited to find another person my age to do the stuff I want to do and budget for the stuff I tend to prioritize budgeting for, I’d be waiting forever. Also I’m kind of picky (ahem, very very very picky) about my inner circle and so most stuff I prefer to do by myself anyway. If we’re being honest, life isn’t the best fit for me -although it’s definitely gotten a lot better since graduating from SPU.

Alright. Good talk, Blog. Game previews’ll be up tomorrow at 10am.


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