Player-of-the-Week Noms

Lots of good games played by lots of guys; this is the first week where only one spot is being donated and there are multiple guys actually getting missed -that’s a good thing. There’s still tons of parity and while there were lots of great single game performances, there were only a few guys that were great on both days.

UAF: Travante Williams – a couple of really balanced performances against Spartin; good number of rebounds, assists, points, free throw makes, all of that good stuff.
UAA: Brian McGill -made his debut back in the starting line-up against SPU, but had a couple of consistent days, which is great. Lots of assists, which we love to see because his vision and unselfishness has long epitomized his game.
SFU: JJ Pankratz -just squeaked in, almost had some friendly fire, but triumphed over it; he’s the most consistent guy the Clan has by a long shot.
WWU: Kyle Impero -another super consistent guy; his shots haven’t been falling, but he’s great on defense and always involves his teammates, his motor never stops.
SPU: Mitch Penner -Still waiting for his rebounding to bounce back, but absolutely put the team on his back in regard to scoring and assisting against the brutal back-to-back that is Bankorage.
SMU: Cole Preston -made his free throws, grabbed boards, and assisted his teammates on both nights. Love it.
MSUB: KENDALL DENHAM IS BOUNCING BACK!!!!!! So excited to see the sophomore get out of his slump and help propel his team to victory, particularly with his commitment to defense.
CWU: Devin Matthews -grabbed boards, made his shots; quintessential ‘big’ responsibilities.
NNU: Joel Devastey -another big getting it done, grabbing boards and making shots.
CU-P: Donated to Tanner Omlid of WOU; Tanner had a fantastic game against NNU in respect to grabbing boards, and then shot 100% against CWU. Even if it was “only” five shots, it’s still very impressive.
WOU: Are you really wondering? OF COURSE IT WAS ANDY. Shootin’, assistin’, boardin’, avoiding getting fouled. That’s just Andy for you.

Fun week, lots of parity. Winner’ll be up in an hour.


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