Player-of-the-Week is… Andy Avgi!

Second time in a row, third time this season. Andy is gonna Andy. He rebounds, he assists, he blocks, he avoids fouling (which is a miracle that we’re still a little confused on) and he’s willing to do anything for his team. He’s not worried about his body, he’s always in it to win it, always there to give a teammate a smile (at least as far as we see) and he seems to fully understand that while he is by far the best player on the team (and in the conference for that matter) he’s not going anywhere without not only his teammates, but without his opponents.

Andy is 6’6 and weighs 260lbs. Him being mindful of his opponents is huge because he could do real damage. He could pretty easily bounce into an opponent with no ill-intent and still have it end very badly. His agility is incredible and it’s going to be big this week because they’re taking on the Falcons -a team that the Wolves need to be good because SOS matters, and not accidentally injuring them with conference best team’s offensive tackle (we know he was a TE, go with it) is a big part of both teams being good.

Congrats Andy on this honor, we feel blessed to get to honor you this way and to watch you play. You’re an amazing part of our conference and an incredibly valuable human being. Good luck this week and go Wolves!


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