Previewing Today’s Games

Today… Tonight… It’s going to be interesting, if not good for your particular team. We feel like we fall into the “not good” category because we’re pessimists, but… That should make the Seawolves happy, at least?

All times pacific.

Seattle Pacific @ Alaska Anchorage at 3pm

SPU is coming off of a nice win at UAF, Alaska-Anchorage is coming off of a brutal loss at home to the Saints of SMU… UAA’s inevitably angry, SPU is trying to keep things rolling, UAA is a notoriously difficult place to play and it seems like the odds of them losing two in a row up there are approximately zero.

Central Washington @ Western Oregon @ 4pm

Last time they met CWU beat the Wolves, and it still stands as the Wolves only conference loss. This has become another great home court advantage, but… We trust the CWU bench more than we trust the WOU bench, while we trust the WOU starters far more than we trust the CWU starters. If CWU can get the Wolves in some foul trouble, they should be able to stay in it pretty well; if they can’t, it could get ugly and the Wolves should roll.

Northwest Nazarene @ CU-Portland @ 7pm

This should be a pretty good match-up. NNU gave the Wolves all they could handle, CU-Portland is hoping to get rolling. Both teams have the same conference record, but we’re not sure how much that matters. These teams have been incredibly inconsistent and so predicting the outcome is impossible, which is probably good for both of them.

MSU-Billings @ Simon Fraser @ 7:30pm

The Clan are yet to win a game. We never trust teams to lose every game, ever. This could be a good game for them to pick up a ‘W’. The Clan has had a nice five days of rest, MSUB just lost to WWU by fifteen. That being said: the Yellowjackets just lost to WWU by 15 -a team they beat earlier this year- and so they could be out for blood and the Clan could get stung. We’ll see.

Saint Martin’s @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 8pm

We’re really 50/50 on how excited we are to watch this. Part of us is going “THE SAINTS JUST BEAT ANCHORAGE!!!!!!!!” and part of our brain is going “UAF JUST LOST TO SPU, the Saints are screwed.” Which side wins out… We suspect Fairbanks. Like Anchorage, it would be exceedingly odd for them to lose two games at home, especially to such a beatable opponent. That being said: We stand by our pathos that SMU is a talented team, so if they’ve figured out to put it together consistently, they could stay in this game. If the Saints manage to stay in, it’ll be close. Otherwise the Nanooks should win in a blow out.

First time in weeks that we’ll be settling in to watch every minute of the action, so… We’ll catch you guys on Twitter starting at 3pm.

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