Previewing Tonight’s Games

Ha! That’s two this week (yes out of 7, yes we’re currently failing at blogging) that went up on time. Thanks for bearing with us, you guys are the best! =) Shhh, Nanooks, that wasn’t an intentional pun, don’t go getting all full of yourselves -you should have finished binging for hybearnation a while ago.

All times pacific.

NNU @ WOU @ 7pm

Western Oregon should roll, but will they is the question. It’s a home game and we feel good about the Wolves chances (duh) but our policy is to never overlook the teams with losing records because they have nothing to lose, whereas the Wolves sort of do. Sort of because we’re 99% sure they’re in the Regional, but… Gotta keep grindin’.

CWU @ CU-Portland @ 7pm

Shockingly excited about this game because Concordia just came off playing the travel pairing from hell and yet they held their own very impressively. As noted: they were in it until the last five minutes against UAA. During their last match-up with the Wildcats they only lost by five and Central is a hard place to play. Curious to see if they make any progress this time; it would be great to get the victory, but we’re sure CWU is thinking the same thing post a heartbreaking loss to rival Western and prior to heading into the bloodbath that is Monmouth.

MSUB @ WWU @ 7:30pm

??? MSUB beat WWU by a possession last time, but Billings is hard to play at. The Billings guys are going to want to get the win against WWU -which, even when they’re “bad” is still seen as quality- but of course the Viks want revenge, so… We’ll see what happens.

SMU @ UAA @ 8pm

Another game we’re surprisingly excited to watch. SMU competed really well against UAA before throwing in the towel last time. It sucks (and is awesome) to play the Seawolves in Anchorage and so we veer toward the side of thinking the Seawolves will blow out the Saints, but… You never know.

SPU @ UAF @ 8pm

This is a must win for both teams. They’re rockin’ the same conference record at 7-3 and UAF has a great home court advantage. It should be interesting because the Nooks tend to take the stance that the best defense is a great offense while the Falcons tend to be more of a “legs power the dawg” which in basketball means defense is in the drivers’ seat. We’re completely 50/50 on this one, but pragmatically trust the Nanooks more? Almir is finally starting to be the player he was last year, Joe Slocum has at least started playing error free if not offensively well, Isaac Ladines is always good for some boards, and then Bangaly and Travante are of course this year’s conference death pairing. Just not seeing it with the Falcons; they can’t seem to function together and walking into UAF without elite cohesion is a recipe for disaster.

So ready for these games to start. Because no one is playing in Nampa or Burnaby (where game updates enter a blackhole) we should be modestly active on twitter from the get-go.


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