Discussions: WWU @ SFU, Check-Ins, and Rankings.

Ha, and we’re late again. Still, it’s just our usual discussions post, including the results of the Tuesday night game.

WWU 104 @ SFU 60

WESTERN WASHINGTON FINALLY PLAYED DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles. Granted it was against 0 and whatever SFU, but still. Defense existed. Now the Vikings just need to translate it to other teams, MSUB being the first of them. While it was in fact kind of an iffy game for the Clan, they did one thing very well: Free throws. 80%. Very solid, good job Clansmen.

Viking highlights: Ricardo Maxwell had seven assists and 13 points; Kyle Impero had six boards and three assists; Trey Drechsel continues to impress with 10 boards and six assists; BLAKE BOWEN ACTUALLY FUNCTIONED!!!!!!!! And functioned incredibly well, coming out like whoa: six boards and 24 points; Jeffrey Parker had 13 points. Off the bench Brad Wallace had 10 points; Colby Mitchell had 11 points; and Blake Fernandez had 11 points as well.

Clan highlights: Oshea Gairey went 7/8 from the line; Michael Harper had 12 points; JJ Pankratz had an impressive game with a full house, eight boards and 12 points; Tyrell Lewin had 11 points; and off the bench Graham Smith grabbed four boards.

We’re happy times like 12 million to see the Vikings act like the Vikings we know and love. It was cool to see Blake Fernandez get in the game. With the Clan the big question is where did Gibran go? He’d been having some really good games and then didn’t start this one, so… The flu hit late this year, hopefully that was it? Great game to both teams.


Checking in with the Pac-West, we find some chaos:

Hawaii Pacific beat Cal Baptist
Hawaii Hilo beat Hawaii Pacific
Cal Baptist scraped by BYU-H by four
Dominican beat Azusa Pacific
Cal Baptist got past Hawaii Hilo

So much for Cal Baptist being the clear leader in the west region.

Checking in with the CCAA: their chaos has abated a bit, but it was because opportunity didn’t per say present itself; Cal Poly Pomona beat Humboldt by seven or eight, Monterey Bay beat East Bay. Nothing surprising, nothing alarming for the losing teams either though.

This week’s rankings are a douzy. The rest of the country has apparently entered chaos too or we’re better than I’m giving us credit for (that would be nice, booo cynical blogger) and so… Here we go. Promise these are real:

3. MSU Moorhead
4. Western Oregon -we like it; they got two big wins against the Alaska schools and the Alaska schools are still looking really good.
12. UC San Diego -yup.
13. Cal Poly Pomona -yup.
16. Chico State -sure.
19. Azusa Pacific -yup, although inevitably they’ll drop because Dominican has that nasty loss to NNU.
23. Cal Baptist -this might be too far of a plunge considering the other chaos
26. Seattle Pacific -we’re sooo torn. They play the Alaska schools in Alaska

Yes, we included SPU at 26 because why not. We hadn’t wanted them ranked and then the other regions got a good dose of chaos and now we’re looking at them going “Well, they do have wins against APU and Chico as well as an OT loss to WOU, which is better than what UCSD has against them, so hmmm…”

Other GNAC teams receiving votes: Alaska-Anchorage 6.

Alaska-Anchorage… Seawolves, Seawolves, Seawolves. Part of us is like “Eh, they have that win against SPU, throw them in the rankings.” The other part of is going “They didn’t do anything in non-conference and every other currently ranked west region team did.” There’s also the side that every other currently ranked West region team has a conference loss to an opponent they shouldn’t have necessarily lost to. This means that instead of being good for Anchorage, it looks far more excusable for Seattle Pacific. And Anchorage is a good team -we’re not doubting that at all, but in a space with so few spots, are they top 25? That’s the question. Do they match others? Right now we’re back to looking at non-conference and the answer is ‘no.’ We don’t know what we think in regard to it being possible, even if they were to beat the Falcons this weekend (and if we’re honest: we wholly expect them to).


Finally, here is a west region prognostication that we’re going to throw up but… Who knows, really? These are just eight teams.

Western Oregon
Cal Baptist
Cal Poly Pomona
Azusa Pacific
Chico State
UC San Diego
Humboldt State

Why did we exclude SPU? Because we hate them. Duh. No. It’s because they need to get past these Alaska games and then we’ll see. Until they do that, Alaska-Anchorage gets the nod over them because of the head-to-head. We’ll talk more about it tomorrow, because we’re side-eyeing ourselves going “You left the Falcons out and put in Humboldt? You’re an idiot.” But we’ll talk more about why tomorrow.

Yes it’s brief. Tomorrow’ll be a game day preview and then another discussions post regarding what we’re thinking about the conference standings, what various vague pronouncements we make mean, and that sort of thing.



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