Player-of-the-Week Noms

What, what’s that? We’re actually posting something on time?!? Miracle. Player of the week nominees, let’s go.

UAF: Travante Williams -kept his head in the game, despite some bad shooting.
UAA: Suki -’cause Suki gonna Suki; we hate his shooting but he gets boards, assists, and makes his free throws so… Can we join his fan club? Please.
SFU: JJ Pankratz -We admire his steadfast dedication, he was hugely impactful in the quest for an upset at CWU.
WWU: Ricardo Maxwell -Amazingly consistent at Cenazar.
SPU: Bryce Leavitt -Bryce gonna Bryce; even when he doesn’t appear do much, he doesn’t make mistakes and always plays within himself; we mean that in a good way because he never gets too high or too low.
SMU: Fred -Fred actually looked like a center, um what??
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Corey Hammell of UAA, largely for his monstrous game against CU-Portland, which seems a little iffy but oh well.
CWU: Joe Stroud -finally looked like the Joe of last year, particularly against the Vikings of WWU.
NNU: Bouna! ‘Cause Bouna gonna Bouna. SFU tried to take him out of the game and instead he went 16/18 from the charity stripe; he also almost led the Crusaders to a victory against Western Washington. Considering Mike’s six turnovers during the WWU game… We think Bouna should get to take video of Mike eating a fist sized piece of lutefisk, and put it on Youtube.
CU-PDX: N/A —> Donated to Mike Wright of NNU, because aside from his six turnovers he played really well during both games, and if you average it, he had three per game for the weekend. But we still think he deserves the lutefisk treatment, because SIX TURNOVERS?! Really?! Against a team that’s atrocious at defense??
WOU: Andy. A team is yet to defend him and he played two major minute brutal games against the Alaska schools, leading the Wolves to two victories despite some turnover issues and bad shooting from his teammates.

Winner’ll be up in an hour.


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