Player-of-the-Week is… Andy Avgi! Again!

There are weeks in which someone wins player of the week and we kind of roll our eyes like “Okay, they played well, but they faced really bad competition comparatively.”

That was not this. This week Andy wholly wins it, tried and true. The Wolves faced two brutal Alaska teams with a neon target on their backs, Andy’s target in flaming hot pink, and quite frankly: He owned it and killed them, just like he’s done to pretty much every team in our conference. Particularly during these games, he played so consistently and so well while playing massive amounts of minutes that he usually doesn’t see -compared to the minutes he usually gets, he played three games this weekend.

While playing “three” games he shot roughly 95% from the line, grabbed some boards, shot over 50% from downtown, and roughly 65% from the field. He also inevitably took tons of pressure off of his teammates. This was a rough weekend and Andy got through it flawlessly and we could seriously not be more proud of him.

Congrats Andy, on a very well earned player-of-the-week, and we look forward to watching you do work against Cenazar this weekend. Go Wolves.

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