Previewing Tonight’s Games

All times Pacific.

Simon Fraser @ Northwest Nazarene @ 6pm

We’re hoping NNU continues their progress from the WWU game and doesn’t play down to their competition, but… We’ll see. We’d love to see the Clan step up and realize that NNU has a propensity of feeding into whatever their opponent is doing, so get them off rhythm, but at this point hope might be a little too strong of a word for what we have regarding SFU. We expect they’ll upset somebody at some point, but it’s impossible to say when it’ll happen because they just have nothing in terms of chemistry and consistency.

Western Washington @ Central Washington

RIVALRY GAME!!!!! We can’t wait. The Vikings are a mess, CWU is gaining steam, anything can happen, and… We’ll see.

Saint Martin’s @ MSU-Billings @ 6:30pm

MSUB is coming off a HUUUUGE game against rival Seattle Pacific. We’re officially calling that a rivalry game because a. we want to, and b. we didn’t realize how much we’d miss them as a pairing until after they’d split up. Similarly, SMU has had a break after their game agains the Falcons, so… Is it going to be “We have a chance to rectify the mistakes we made” or is it going to be “We had this long break, let’s play sloppy.” With the Jackets, it’s going to either be “We had this really intense game against SPU and now let’s kick some Saint butt” or “We had this really intense game against SPU and we’re exhausted so we’re going to be sloppy and uncaring.” We’ll see what happens.

Alaska-Anchorage @ Concordia-Portland @ 7:30pm

If Suki doesn’t shoot over 50% we’re not even going to talk about his rebounding and assisting tomorrow. Tough love. Good luck Riley Hawken, great game to prove and redeem yourself after the nightmare levels of turnovers against the Bears. We kind of want to see Coach Oz switch up the starting line-up, just ’cause they can, but we doubt he will =( As you can probably tell: Our faith in the Seawolves is ridiculous right now, we’re completely on their bandwagon, and loving every minute of it.

Alaska-Fairbanks @ Western Oregon @ 7:30pm.

Game of the night. The Wolves need this win. The Nanooks need this win. The Wolves are coming off of a crazy intense and crazy awesome game against the Seawolves and need to keep the ball rolling. The Nanooks are coming off of a defensive abandoning at CU-Portland and need to step it up. The good news is, the Bears got tons of rest by playing a ton of guys tons of minutes, while the Wolves basically had their starters playing and that was it. Could exhaustion vs. freshness factor in? Maybe. Can’t wait to see what happens.


Should be a pretty great night of games and we’re looking forward to roughly four out of five, although NNU vs. SFU is just the trainwreck effect, so… We’ll see. Should be good.

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