Conference Game Day #9

A day late, but oh well. As noted previously: We were consumed with building an Ark. Today we’re realizing we should have put more than two Huskies and two Malamutes in it.

WWU 80 @ NNU 78

So Dominguez started Blake Bowen instead of Mac, which semi-makes us look wrong EXCEPT IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU WIN THE TIP IF YOUR CENTER IS STILL A MESS. Harris Javier (among others) can jump out of the gym. The tip-off doesn’t matter if you can and actually do play defense, which the vikings definitely didn’t. Great job by the Crusaders on taking advantage of it.

Viking highlights: Ricardo Maxwell had five assists, three steals, and 16 points; Trey Drechsel had seven boards, six assists, three steals, and four fouls; Jeff Parker had eight boards and 21 points. Off the bench Brad Wallace had nine boards and eight points. We still support Trey starting because while his shooting was terrible, he did so many things to make his teammates better and it was only one game. If it’s game after game of taking way too many shots, then we’ll have a problem with it; for now, he’s fine.

Crusader highlights: Joel had 14 points; Bouna had six boards and fifteen pionts; Detwon Rogers had 10 points; Mike Wright had 22 points but went back to being Mike by having six turnovers. Off the bench Leoor Konenkov had six boards and eight points. The Crusaders shot 53% from the field and 90% from the line, so… They did everything they could to win this game and it’s a shame they lost.

We’re not surprised by the result considering as noted: Dominican and WWU compare favorably, only Dominican didn’t manage to get out of it the way WWU did. Curious to see what the Vikings and Crusaders do tonight considering for the Crusaders this spells a let-down game and for the Viks it’s a rivalry.

SPU 81, MSUB 71

The Falcons were lucky they got out of this because MSUB put up a heck of a fight and led multiple times throughout the game. The Falcons rebounding was a complete mess and their lack of boxing out could give anyone a migraine.

Falcon highlights: Bryce Leavitt had seven boards; Brendan Carroll had 18 points; Gilles Dierickx had 17 points on 9/10 FTs; Mitch Penner had five boards and 20 points on 10/11 FTs. Off the bench Coleman Wooten had five points and four boards; and Nathan Streufert had seven points.

Yellowjacket highlights: Kendall Denham had five assists; Emmanuel Johnson had 15 points; Preston Beverley had 13 points off the bench; and Kamal Tall had 7 points off the bench. The team had a group-effort nine boards; interesting strategy for combating the Falcons board grubbers.

Overall a good game from the Yellowjackets; they should feel proud, and we look forward to seeing what they do against the Saints of SMU. With the Falcons… Our arms are folded and we are deeply unimpressed, particularly with the play of Garrett Swanson and Joe Rasmussen, but it is what it is and we continue to support Garrett in starting.

SFU 69 @ CWU 82

The Clan stayed in it for a good long while and then the Wildcats took control and didn’t give it up. Ridiculously proud of Naim Ladd for doing the little things (no pun intended). We’re disgusted by the shooting of the Clan, but oh well. That phrase has been written before.

Clan highlights: Oshea Gairey had 12 points; Michael Harper had 26 points, five steals, and six boards; JJ Pankratz had 15 points and eight boards. Off the bench Graham Smith had four boards.

Wildcat highlights: Joey Roppo had five boards and 14 points; Gary Jacobs had nine boards and six assists; Joe Stroud continues to disappoint but had five blocks; Devin Matthews had 18 points. Off the bench Naim Ladd had eight boards and 19 points; and Desmond Ross had 10 points.

We’ll see what happens with these teams next. It was a mess, but so is the rest of the conference.

UAF 99, CU-PDX 76

Huge balance of minutes on behalf of the Nooks, which is incredible. They go so deep and it’s amazing and we’re thrilled with it, That being said: They played the Cavs. Player rotation is expected almost as much as no defense.

Nook highlights: Bangaly had 13 points nad five boards; Joe Slocum had 10 points; Travante Williams had 20 points and nine boards; Almir had six boars and 16 points. Off the bench Zach Pederson had four boards and 12 points; and Isaac Ladines had seven boards.

Cavalier highlights: Latrell Wilson had 15 points; Riley Hawken had 10 points; and off the bench Taylor Harris had 19 points on 8-8 shooting.

The Nooks continue to impress with their lack of turnovers and the Cavs hopefully continue to learn from their mistakes. It was a big loss on what had been progress by the Cavs, but… two steps forward, one step back. Congrats to the Nooks on their victory.

UAA 66 @ WOU 76

We already mentioned this, but: We are so incredibly proud of both of these teams. This game was intense, this game was hard fought, there was defense being played and free throws being made, and it was one of our favorite games of the season thus far. Both teams did fantastically and made really smart decisions and we commend them to the highest place for that.

Seawolf highlights: Suki Wiggs had 26 points and nine boards; Corey Hammell had 10 boards; and Brian McGill had 17 points and five boards off the bench.

Wolf highlights: Julian Nichosl had 12 boards and seven assists; Jordan Wiley had 17 points; Andy Avgi had 31 points.

It was a battle of the starters and WOU came out on top. We talked about some of the implications, but… We’re only halfway through conference play as of tonight, so as noted: Miles to go before we dance and depending on what happens in the other conference it could be that this game is ultimately what burst UAA’s bubble, shockingly.

The UAA/WOU game made a very messy night so much better. Today’s previews’ll be up as soon as we can write them. No Nightlights tonight, post should go up by noon tomorrow.


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