Previewing Tonight’s Games

If you’re in Seattle and were late for ANYTHING today -just tell people that you were too consumed building an Ark to realize that you needed to leave two-and-a-half hours early in order to get somewhere on time. Yeesh.

Here we go with tonight’s game previews. All times pacific.

WWU @ NNU @ 6pm

The Vikings have no excuse to lose this game. We’re really excited to get a look at their starting line-up. As we’ll mention later -they have a huge game on Saturday but they need to take a good hard look at the Crusaders and commit to shutting Bouna down. Shut Bouna down and the rest aren’t going to do much. The Vikings have so many good guys but are still yet to put it together, so… Hopefully Mac is finally out of the starting line-up, Trey is back in, Colby Mitchell is back in, and then Evan and Harris beast off the bench? Brett Kingma we’ll see. All that being said: NNU beat Dominican, a team that compares favorably to WWU, so it’s totally possible that the Vikings don’t escape this.

SPU @ MSUB @ 6:30

Spillings! How we’ve missed you. While Billings didn’t manage to do much against the Falcons last year, we’re not wholly sure we buy it. It’s completely true that the Yellowjackets are struggling, but it’s not too much of a stretch to call this game a rivalry. Mitch Penner has been targeted by every team and has been struggling accordingly; we’ll see if the Yellowjackets continue that defensive trend. Bryce Leavitt has been making some of the smartest decisions conference wide and he’s so good in terms of doing whatever defenses allow that while he may have a quieter game for him, he’ll still be super productive for his teammates. Gilles we have no idea. For MSUB Kendall Denham has been starting to work his way out of his sophomore slump and we hope to see him continue that trend -other guys to watch include what needs to be a bounce back game from Marc Matthews, and then the Emmaneuls Squared.

SFU @ CWU @ 7pm

It’s odd to say but this could be a good win for the Clan to pick up while at the same time it’ll seem odd if CWU loses. The Wildcats beat WOU but have been very into letting teams stay with them. They’re not good at look at every opponent as they come and with a huge game against rival Western Washington looming on Saturday… We’ll see what happens.

UAF @ CU-PDX @ 7:30pm

On the Cavs side we’re really excited to see the continued progress of Tyler and Riley -they should be able to play off of each other pretty well. We feel far more familiar with Riley’s game than we should because he’s so similar to Riley Stockton last year. Hopefully we’ll start to see his assist number climbing, granted a lot of that will depend on his teammates. For the Nooks Almir has been starting to get in the groove, this should be a good chance to continue. Travante has had some major shooting issues; he’s been really productive in terms of non-shooting numbers, but his shots haven’t been falling and his number of attempts has been insane so hopefully he’ll clean that up again. Could be an interesting game, but more likely than not the Nooks will assume control by early in the second half.

UAA @ WOU @ 7:30pm.

Game of the night in a big way. The Wolves need a big win, Alaska-Anchorage needs an even bigger one. With the chaos that’s reigning in the CCAA, winning this game could be a huge step toward being eligible to receive an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament. In order to get the win they’re going to have to take Andy Avgi out of the game, but the good news is: The Wolves don’t really go deep while the Seawolves do. No telling what’s going to happen, but… It will be interesting.

Good luck tonight to all, we’ll be keeping somewhat abreast of things on Twitter, hopefully.


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