Late Night Hoops: Discussing UAA @ WOU.

Going to throw up a brief post because there were a few ways this game could have gone and we might as well talk about it now rather than waiting for Wednesday.

First and foremost: Proud of both the Wolves and Seawolves for playing a good game with good sportsmanship. Brief highlights include SUKI’S 26 POINTS ON NOT AWFUL SHOOTING and Julian Nichols 12 assists and 11 boards. We’ll get into more of those tomorrow morning, but still: Congrats guys. Game well played, both teams.

Just in case you didn’t see the result:

UAA 66 @ WOU 76

But that score doesn’t tell the whole story. The long and short being that WOU gave up the lead in the last five minutes and then managed to get it back and UAA fouled and ta-daaa. Game.

A WOU win means:
-The Wolves/GNAC is that much closer to hosting the West Region tournament.
–CPP picked up two losses.
–UCSD picked up a loss.
–WOU beat UCSD on the Tritons homecourt. That was big. Especially because it was due to stupid decisions that the Tritons themselves made.

A UAA loss means:
-The Falcons earned a one-win redemption, plus had their loss to the Wolves somewhat validated. They took them to OT while the Seawolves lost in regulation.
-UAA’s only signature road victory remains at SPU over Christmas break.
-The GNAC is that much farther away from being a three bid conference.

Ultimately chaos is reigning in the west region and it’s honestly kind of great because chaos loves company and the GNAC hit our chaos before the CCAA did, so now we’re waiting on bated breath for the Pac-West to hit some chaos? If they hit chaos? Thing about the Pac-West is that CBU and APU are the cream of the crop with CU-Irvine being tertiary but more in that conversation than not in that conversation. Dixie State was played by a huge number of GNAC teams and can usually be counted on for SOS, and thus it’s hurting both us AND the Pac-West because they inevitably count on the Red Storm for SOS as well and that getting a hard fought win in St. George actually means something. Right now they’re acting like WWU is currently.

Which could very well mean that they take APU/CBU to the conference championship game, win, and cause more chaos. WWU’s been threatening and this could very well be the year that they do it up here.

We shall see. It’s an interesting time in the D2West, there are still miles to go before we dance, and… We can’t wait for Saturday when we find out more.


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