Player-of-the-Week Noms

Yet another week where there are more spots than there were guys who earned them. Still, while there was some bad play -there was also some really, really good play; notably Joe Stroud’s SIX blocks, which we felt like didn’t get enough hype during the regular post.

UAF: Donated to Suki Wiggs -pick up boards, make your free throws; Suki is the epitome of consistency in those two crucial areas.
UAA: Spencer Svejcar -Came up huge both nights, in particular the OT win at rival UAF.
SFU: Michael Harper -seems like he finally found his groove, great game against CU-Portland.
WWU: Trey Dreschel -started coming off the bench again, dominated thoroughly.
SPU: Bryce Leavitt -not a good week for Bryce, but saved himself by distributing rather than shooting.
SMU: Jordan Kitchen -went 0-6 from the line but was so productive in regard to rebounding and assorted other ‘helper’ statistics that it managed to negate.
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Oshea Gairey of SFU.
CWU: N/A —> eligible for donation, no numbers.
NNU: N/A —> eligible for donation, no numbers.
CU-P: Tyler Gutierrez -did what needed to be done against SFU.
WOU: Andy Avgi -because Andy gonna Andy, although WWU did a better job than expected at defending him.

Congrats to all at a good week of basketball played, winner’ll be up in an hour.

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