Player-of-the-Week is… Trey Drechsel!

After nursing an injury throughout the Fall, Trey has come in and taken our conference by storm. He helped lead the Vikings to victory against CU-Portland and did his darndest to keep them in it against WOU -and he succeeded for a while. Trey went 4-5 from three against the Wolves while picking up eight boards. Against the Cavs of Concordia, he went 4/4 from the line, grabbed nine boards, and shot roughly 55% from the field. He was up and down the court and a huge factor in the Vikings being able to sit Mac Johnson.

However, that leads to a question that we’ve been wanting to address: Trey was starting and now he’s not. The Vikings third starter has been very influx this year, but… Should it be? We’re completely confident in Evan Scholten, Harris Javier, Trey, and Colby Mitchell -all guys that have seen starting minutes. Last year we were sooo stoked about having Mac for another year because he’d played so well and we were like “Oh, he’s going to come in this year and know that much more what he’s doing.” That hasn’t happened, at all. We keep waiting, it still hasn’t. The big question is: Should the Vikings be starting someone else at the five?

Our answer: absolutely. They likely haven’t because Mac is a center and the other center they have to pick from is Blake Bowen and Blake is a complete mess, so that’s not going to happen. But why do you need a center? Answer: You don’t. Not even in this conference with Fred and Gilles; particularly in this conference because you only need to deal with Fred and Gilles and those two are so bad half the time anyway, that… Why worry? Just run. Run, run, run. SPU’s board production doesn’t usually come via Gilles; it comes via Bryce and Mitch. What little board production SMU has comes more consistently via Jordan Kitchen and Victor, not Fred.

So with that: Don’t play a five. Kyle Impero is the best rebounder on the team anyway, so just go with something in the realm of Ricardo, Kyle, Colby or Evan, Jeff, and Trey, and then have Harris be your caffeine pill off the bench. Get Brett Kingma in at some point and see if he’s hot, but if he’s not cut your losses and stop playing him for the half. There’s a reason warm-ups exist. It’s one thing to need to get in the game groove, but an entirely different to simply shoot until the ships come home, which is what Brett is starting to border on doing.

Anyway: Congrats on player-of-the-week, Trey; we believe in you and think you should still be starting.

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