Previewing Tonight’s Games

If you didn’t catch it -we did insert the paragraph about Simon Fraser within about forty-five minutes of yesterday’s post going up; it was just a logistical thing. We like the Clan just fine. In fact, we’ve been to more SFU games than just about anyone on that campus including the bandwagoners last year, so… Keep that in mind if you’re thinking about knocking our commitment to SFU men’s basketball.

All times pacific. These ended up as a little bit shenanigan-y. Sorry.

NNU at SPU @ 5:15pm

Trying to coerce people into staying for the women’s game by getting them there for the men’s, got it. Phonies. We’ve said it before: We would never want people paying attention to us if they’re there to watch someone else. Be genuine or get lost.

Anyway, this game could go either way. Part of us wants to see the Falcons get their tail feathers handed to them, but it probably won’t happen. The Falcons really need to stop starting Garrett Swanson. We’d make an argument about Gilles Dierickx also coming off the bench, but there’s a very big difference between a guy that’s 6’6 and a guy that’s 6’11 -you can get away with a lot more subpar play if you’re 6’11. Who do we want to start instead? Joe Rasmussen, EJ Paulsen, Sam Simpson, or Nathan Streufert. Doesn’t matter, just start rotating your darn bigs. There is no point in playing an ineffective senior when you have tons of taller underclassmen on the bench, most of whom are just as heavy.

WOU @ WWU @ 7pm

Wish we were going to be at this game. It’s going to be fun watching Mac get manhandled by Andy. We expect WOU to come out fighting because the Western of Washington got a good late season win against the Wolves on their home turf last year, so… Both teams should be swinging, but we expect WOU to be more effective. Expect. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. We’re curious to see if it’s a repeat-ish of the SPU game where WOU goes up by a lot and then WWU comes back and then it gets dicey before one team puts it away. WOU has got to stop letting teams back in and WWU needs to start actually playing defense, so… Maybe the conference #1 will be the kick in the pants they need.

CU-PDX @ SFU @ 7pm

The Cavs need this win, big time, and yet… so do the Clan. We’d say it’s the best chance for the Clan to pick up a nice ‘W’ except any time’s a good time to pick up a ‘W’ so both teams simply need to fight hard and get after it. Both lost by a lot on Thursday and it’s time to pick up the pieces. We’re thrilled that Riley Hawken is now starting for the Cavs, we’re hoping JJ Pankratz bounces back for the Clan, and… We’ll see.

CWU @ SMU @ 7:30pm

The Wildcats are going to be out for blood (literally) after getting beat by the adopted child that is SPU. The canon there is that CWU and WWU are actual rivals but when Seattle U. went D1, SPU came in and has taken quite a bit of WWU’s attention, but that itself is a friendly rivalry and so instead both schools have ganged up on hating CWU and CWU isn’t feeling the love-filled rivalry they used to have with Western and now simply feels hatred toward the Falcons for ruining a good thing that they had with the Vikings. Hell hath no fury like a Wildcat scorned.

Anyway: SMU is probably going to be toast, although we’ll be hoping otherwise. BREATHE, SAINTS, WE WANT YOU TO LIVE. And maybe play somewhat decent basketball consistently from time to time, if you wouldn’t mind.

UAA @ UAF @ 8pm

Game of the night, in a big way. The GNAC’s one true rivalry as far as we’re concerned. Travel partners or bust. Should be a good game. Someone told us that they think UAF is stronger than UAA this year, but we’re really not sure. We like both schools. We love Bangaly, Travante, and Almir from UAF in particular, but we also love Diante Mitchell, Corey Hammell, and *grumbles* Suki Wiggs from UAA. Suki Wiggs is like the Isaiah Thomas of our current basketball life. We never liked IT, and yet everyone’s nuts about him, but we’re still standing here with our arms folded going ‘He’s not David Downs’ just like we stood there going ‘He’s not Nate Robinson’ all those years ago. We also do still support IT for the all star game, so if you haven’t voted: DO IT. Have fun Nooks and Seawolves!

Good luck to all, have fun, don’t get injured.


One comment

  1. LG

    Whoever said UAF is the stronger must be blowin smoke. UAA has McGill (coming off the bench)… Hello… That’s a lot to contain for anyone. It’s “pack the Patty” night, so it should be intense. Nooks need to commit to defense the whole game and shore up some spotty areas if they want to hang.


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