Previewing Tonight’s Games!

Alright, time to get some new mojo. In reality -we’re currently on the road, going to get some sun (okay: and watch a bunch of basketball), so hopefully that’ll do the trick. As part of our new mojo: NO MORE PREDICTION PRESSURE. We know more than that anyway, so… why numbers?

All times pacific standard.

CU-Portland @ Western Washington @ 7pm

The Vikings have good people. CU-Portland graduated seven-ish seniors and is struggling because of youth. That youth is starting to pick up and… We’ll see. The Vikings haven’t been all they’ve cracked up to be this year. Mac has been ridiculously quiet and they’re kind of suffering from a lack of banging post play. While CU-Portland doesn’t have a ton of it, they have some and it could be good. We want Mac to start playing as he did at the end of last year. We want Riley Hawken (CU-PDX) to get some good boards just as he’s been doing. It’s a game we’re looking forward to watching, but no telling what’s going to happen.

Northwest Nazarene @ Saint Martin’s @ 7pm

We think SMU has more talent but NNU uses their talent more? We like both a lot; we love Bouna, Bouna is our homie -has been since last year, we’re thrilled with the progress that Mike Wright made, Detwon Rogers is quality, Joel Devastey’s name keeps coming up, the Eastern Euros are getting stuff done; collectively they just got a nice win over MSUB, but… We shall see. With SMU, they kept WOU close for a remarkably long time -far longer than SPU did- and so while we think they’re talented they’re yet to really put it together, which is beyond all sorts of irritating. Kendall Denham bounced back for MSUB and so hopefully Trey Ingram does the same thing at SMU -we miss writing about him. Fred is frustrating but we love him to the moon and back anyway (and you’d kind of have to go to the moon to get to the top of Fred), Victor and Rhett have both had their moments, Isaac… There are so many guys that play good and then bad and then good and then bad and collectively it’s been kind of bad, but we know they can play well. Theoretically.

Western Oregon @ Simon Fraser @ 7pm

Draw your own conclusions.

Central Washington @ Seattle Pacific @ 7:30pm

This game is gonna be feisty. We still have no idea what to make of the Falcons, but the Wildcats are yet to find a go-to guy because Joe isn’t stepping up the way we expected, so… Could be an interesting game.

MSU-Billings @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 8pm

Billings is seemingly in free fall and Fairbanks is balling out. Almir is finally back to his old self, Travante and Bangaly are of course awesome, Joe we’re still kind of waiting on, Isaac has good moments. We expect UAF to win by a lot, but in this conference there’s really no telling 100%.

Should be a good night. Nightlights? We’ll see.



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