POW Noms!

There were a few guys with some really great games, but some good distance around the top. However… The extra spots available were incredibly close, so if you say “oh that guy wasn’t much better than xyz” it was seriously within decimal points for the donated spots, so… There’s that.

UAF: Travante Williams -one incredibly phenomenal game and then a great game admittedly helped a bit by the OT.
UAA: Suki -’cause Suki gonna Suki; we complain about him shooting, but he is seriously good at getting assists and boards and whatnot.
SFU: N/A —> Donated to Joe Stroud of CWU, who had two pretty good games against NNU & MSUB respectively.
WWU: Jeffrey Parker -great game against Alaska-Fairbanks and decent enough game at Anchorage.
SPU: Bryce Leavitt -’cause Bryce gonna Bryce. Overcame six turnovers at CU-PDX to come in second by a lot on both sides.
SMU: N/A —> Donated to Gilles Dierickx of SPU; overcame being a blackhole at WOU to have a good game against the Cavs.
MSUB: N/A —> Donated to Mike Wright of NNU; great game vs. Billings after being relatively quiet against CWU.
NNU: Bouna gonna bouna; two good games, with one veering on great.
CWU: Gary Jacobs -had a pair of good veering on great games against MSUB and NNU, respectively.
CU-PDX: Drew Martin -he can thank SPU blowing them out for this one; came dangerously close to not making the cut due to poor play against SMU, but SPU got apathetic on D and Drew shined through.
WOU: Andy gonna Andy. He had his way yet again with SPU; good times.

Winner’ll be up in an hour.

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