Player-of-the-Week is… Travante Williams!

This year we’ve been struggling to get guys to hit the numbers in two days that Travante hit on one. And then he did it again two days later. He had a positively phenomenal game against SFU. We’re talking, last year’s numbers legitimately against this year’s SFU team. It was nuts. We triple checked it, but Travante is seriously that awesome and honestly -it doesn’t surprise us. He is a downright fantastic basketball player and he demonstrates it week in and week out, so we feel blessed to get to bestow this pseudo-honor upon him.

During the OT game against WWU maybe he wasn’t shooting the best but he made his free throws. That’s what we always say: Make your darn free throws and he did it and made the Vikings pay -although they ultimately didn’t pay with a loss. In addition to scoring 35 points, Travante added 12 boards, six steals, three assists, and managed to pick up four fouls and two blocks; pretty near perfect, all while having merely ONE turnover.

The SFU game was even more amazing: Great shooting, -15- boards. 15. We’ve missed seeing numbers like that; this year our conference isn’t as strong at rebounding collectively, but Travante doesn’t care -he’s gonna bring it back in style and we couldn’t be more thrilled. In addition to doing the dirty work getting the boards, he picked up eight times, three steals, two blocks, and this time had just two turnovers and one foul. Simply incredible.

This was a record setting weekend in terms of numbers we see for an individual POW and we’re pretty excited because we’ve kind of been questioning our formula. Last year we’d only highlight it if a starter hit over 10 boards and this year we’ve been doing five because it’s increasingly rare that guys grab more than 10. Travante. Bringing back the best part of basketball. Missed shots happen; you CHOOSE not to get any given board. Do or do not. There is no try.

Congrats Travante and good luck this week!!


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