Previewing Today’s Games

All times Pacific.

Western Washington @ Alaska-Anchorage @ 3:15pm

Ooooh, it’s too real. This should be a really good game, if Anchorage doesn’t blow the Vikings out. Super stoked to see what Tony Dominguez does to combat the ‘Suki problem.’ Yes Suki is getting singled out, but he’s basically becoming like Sango last year -although because it’s only one player, no adjustments are being made in regard to POW stuff. While we would have taken the Looney method of letting Suki shoot until the cows come home and avoid fouling at all costs, another strategy could be to try and get Suki in foul trouble really early, which seems hugely possible because he grabs so many boards. It’ll be harder up at Anchorage, but it might be another strategy. This game… There’s no telling. It could be close. It could be a blowout. This conference is a mess, but that’s what makes it fun.

MSU-Billings @ Central Washington @ 7pm.

Billings is seemingly in free-fall, CWU has had a nice few days of rest and is coming off of a victory at NNU. We’ll see what happens. It would be easy to project that CWU wins in a landslide, but we can’t do that this year. Nothing is predictable. We’re hoping Kendall Denham continues to push -he’s been in a bit of a sophomore slump, but we still totally believe in that kid; sophomore year is just rough. We know it. We’ve been there. He’ll be fine.

Seattle Pacific @ Concordia-Portland @ 7pm

Another game that it would be easy to go “Oh, this should be a blowout.” Except the Falcons are on a three-game skid, Concordia is gaining confidence, and while we liked what we saw out of the Falcons on Thursday -there’s just no way we can trust them right now.

Simon Fraser @ Alaska-Fairbanks @ 8:30pm

*throws hands up* It should be a big win for UAF. It may or may or may not be. SFU has teetered in and out of staying with teams before letting them go. They need to stop doing that. UAF is going to be reeling from a close loss to WWU in OT and eager to re-establish themselves as dominant. They could, but will they?

Saint Martin’s @ Western Oregon @ 9pm

The Saints are yet another team in free-fall and this level of disgust is usually reserved for the Falcons and Vikings. Their lack of intestinal fortitude regarding not screwing over their teammates through apathy is horrifying. WOU got a nice win over SPU in OT, granted after letting them come back from being down by 17? Something like that. The Falcons were completely out of it until the very end -literally not holding a lead at any point as far as we know, so the Wolves should be excited to assert dominance over their formal travel partner.

Should be a good day of basketball and we’ll catch you all here again hopefully at around 11am tomorrow morning. Good luck to all that are playing.



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