POW Nominations

It’s been so long that we forgot what we usually put up on Mondays, so… Good morning. Welcome back. Welcome to 2016.

UAF: Bangaly!! The manifestation of consistency, two incredibly solid games against SPU and SMU.
UAA: Suki Wiggs -he drives us bonkers because he plays streetball, but he is good at what he does.
SFU: N/A due to only playing one game.
WWU: N/A due to only playing one game.
SPU: Bryce Leavitt -We’re honestly not sure how this one happened because SPU played so badly, but Bryce is gonna Bryce and we know the Falcons would have won had he seen more minutes against UAF.
SMU: Cole Preston. First nomination of the year -very consistently average play against the Alaska schools.
MSUB: Jace Anderson -had a great game against SFU and did what needed to be done against WWU.
CWU: Joe Stroud -there he is again! We’d missed getting to nominate him; two good games against CU-P and WOU.
NNU: N/A —> Donated to Riley Hawken of CU-Portland; dude was a straight beast off the bench.
CU-P: DREW MARTIN!! The Cavs first real nominee, Drew had a great game against NNU and an okay game against CWU. Glad to see these numbers.
WOU: Julian Nichols is back to his old self! Great consistency and among other highlights, picked up eight assists and three steals against NNU.

Very interesting case of “the nominees” and everyone else, with the exception of MSUB -MSUB had three guys all right within range of each other. Shocked that Bryce hit the numbers to actually pick up a nomination; we assumed SPU’s would get donated with how terribly they played. Happy that CU-Portland is getting in the groove. Glad that Julian and Joe are back to balling the way we expect. Winner’ll be up in an hour.


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